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Submission + - ISP slays Hollywood in landmark piracy case (

captain_sweatpants writes: The giants of the film industry have lost their appeal in a lawsuit against ISP iiNet in a landmark judgment handed down in the Australian Federal Court today.

The suit against iiNet was filed in November 2008 by a group of the biggest Hollywood studios including Village Roadshow, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment, 20th Century Fox and Disney, as well as the Seven Network.

The film studios had sued iiNet arguing that, by not acting to prevent illegal file sharing on its network, it was essentially "authorising" the activity. Justice Arthur Robert Emmett disagreed. The group representing the studios is expected to appeal to the High Court.

iiNet chief executive, Michael Malone, said the case had so far cost his company $6.5 million. "All this legal action hasn't stopped one customer from [illegally] downloading in Australia," Mr Malone said said outside court this afternoon.

“We urge the Australian film industry to address the growing demand for studio content to be delivered in a timely and cost effective manner to consumers and we remain eager to work with them to make this material available legitimately," he said in a statement.

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