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Comment Re:Chrome produces high battery life on Mac (Score 1) 212

You people slay me. I really don't care that a reality TV star became president. But nice cherry picking, why not use one of his other labels like "billionaire" or "successful businessman"? Doesn't sound as bad does it? If you want to turn people against trump, you need to convince them trump is bad, you don't do that by writing something so biased and opinionated that the people you're arguing against see right through you.

Comment Re:Buying the bakery (Score 1) 185

No they didn't. Palm pilot treo 600, blackberry etc. A number of vendors did it long before apple. Apple refined the UI (full touch, no stylus, and sexy / lots of eye candy), not the idea of a smartphone itself. Heck the first iphone didn't even have copy and paste, lol. The iphone was not more usable as a smart phone, just very pretty.

Comment Re:Quality was never the problem (Score 1) 565

What a load of crap. The majority of people use windows, so it's natural to expect that majority of developers will too. That doesn't mean MS VS is the best tool. As a professional developer, I have used java on linux exclusively since 2004 sometime. Netbeans / IntellIJ are just as competitive as visual studio in terms of features. I'll take the entire java ecosystem over any of the crap that MS puts out.

Comment Re:Is RDP really the answer? (Score 2) 189

Because it's fast. I don't care what any linux user says (and I'm 100% linux on my own stuff at home), RDP is still 10 times quicker than anything linux has to offer in this area. I do like the desktop integration of remoting through SSH, but it's dog slow. Seems to me there ought to be a way to run RDP type stuff remotely and still have each app appear in it's own window and be managed by the desktop.

Comment Re:Java-Free Like NeoOffice? (Score 3, Informative) 148

Ha! The clown complaining about "security risk" is more dangerous with his lack of knowledge than anything else. LibreOffice is slow because it's a crummy code base (written in C or C++ by the way, not java), you don't need java installed at all for libreoffice to work. The fact that LO is slow without java, should make you rethink you're opinion about java; massive, badly written software, performs slowly. Java has nothing to do with it.

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