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Submission + - Embed A Video... Go To Jail? (

An anonymous reader writes: A few weeks ago, Slashdot had a post about the new bill in Congress to make streaming infringing videos a felony, punishable by up to 5 years in jail if just 10 people watch the video. As more details come out, the bill keeps looking worse and worse, as it appears that the definitions used in the bill would mean that merely embedding or linking to an infringing YouTube video could put you on the hook for jailtime. Obviously, supporters of the bill insist that's not who will be targeted with this bill, but just the fact that they could be should be worrisome enough. We've seen other laws "misused" in the past.

Submission + - Increase Profitability of Your Shareware Business (

romanberg writes: today announces the official launch of its new software licensing and activation service. Targeting small and medium-sized shareware companies, offers them a convenient online platform to control license management process and activation and a wide range of anti-piracy features in the desktop protection client to prevent a form of theft known as casual copying.

Submission + - County indexing foulup costs couple retirement (

An anonymous reader writes: An indexing error in Dixie County, Florida has cost a couple their retirement money and plans. This all because a lien against the debt of a previous owner to the property they bought was not indexed in the county records. Now they will lose their home and all of their retirement money (which was spent to buy the property), plus have to pay part of the legal fees of the original debtor.

Submission + - What Should I Learn as an Undergraduate?

h311b0y writes: "I am currently a third year computer science undergraduate student and I'm beginning to get very confused regarding what to learn. I know that sounds strange coming from a student, but I am starting to feel saturated with the range of topics available to study beyond my college curriculum. I am unable to decide which ones to learn about as they all seem interesting! Should I stick to perfecting the recommended college curriculum? Am I being too ambitious about what I want to learn? Should I learn a little about all subjects and stay a jack of all trades till later? Should I just stick to one specific subject? If so, how do I choose? Has anyone else here ever had this problem? Can anyone tell me their experiences as a CS undergraduate?"
United States

Submission + - 'Steal This Movie' Says Director (

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "Emmy award-winning, Academy award-nominated, documentary filmmaker Dorothy Fadiman has decided that the message of her new film — 'Stealing America: Vote by Vote' — is too important to let money stand in the way of its message getting disseminated, and has invited the public to make free downloads starting Tuesday, October 21st. She has even offered to send free DVD's right now, along with all necessary permissions, to anyone willing to broadcast it. This harrowing documentary, narrated by Peter Coyote, recounts just a few of the ways in which the 2004 presidential election, especially in Ohio and Florida, as well as several other suspicious recent elections, were stolen, and sends a stark warning to the electorate : it not only can, but will, happen again if you don't get out there and organize against it."

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