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Submission + - SPAM: Certification Boot Camps? Good or Crap! 2

Atlas.Sam writes: "I would like to pose this question to the /. Community. Did you go to a certification boot camp (MCSE, CCNA, etc.)? And if so how was it? I ask this because I suck at taking tests. But, I've been doing windows server administraton for over 12+ years. I need some paper backing showing i know what I'm talking about. So, I've signed up for an MCSE/MCITP boot camp. I've told this to a few of my fellow IT geeks and the reactions are mixed. Some say that's cool. Some say, and I quote "I have just lost some respect for you. Please tell me you're not going there to learn." Did I make a bad decision? I think/hope it will work well for me, but I just wanted to ask the community what they think. Should I prepare for a waste of money?"

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