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Submission + - Avast antivirus is ruining my reputation

An anonymous reader writes: My name is CatThief. I develop themes and extensions for Firefox, Thunderbird, and SeaMonkey. It recently came to my attention that users are posting warnings on various newsgroups, including a comment at addons.mozilla.org where I have a link to my site from an older version of a Thunderbird theme, that the alltabs.png image inside my Mostly Crystal themes contains the "Nutcracker Family" virus. This comes exclusively from users of Avast antivirus, where Avast is flagging this file with a false positive. Naturally most Avast users are unaware that this is a false positive, so as a result I am being accused of circulating malicious files.

This false positive is a long-standing, known issue with Avast. Just Google this and read what users have to say.

I changed the image in the theme for Firefox 3.6, and removed it from the theme for Thunderbird 3.0 and SeaMonkey 2.0 in an effort to prevent Avast from flagging this file. Hopefully this will solve future issues, but again, just for the record, THERE IS NO VIRUS IN MY THEMES.

What makes this even worse is how I am a strong advocate for privacy and security and assure any visitors to my site that nothing malicious is present. If someone believes this virus crap, it negates all my work toward that. What really ticks me off, though, is how Avast has known about this issue for a long time and has done nothing to fix it.

So thank you, Avast, for causing users of your product to not only fear a download from my site, but to damage my reputation as a responsible coder and an outspoken opponent of malware and anything considered even the slightest bit insecure.

Submission + - This is not science fiction: Sawdust to Gasoline (mnn.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Here’s the conventional wisdom: Oil was made from the slow crushing of ancient plants (and dinosaurs!) under the Earth over millions of years. That’s why we call it “fossil fuel,” and that’s why it’s not a renewable resource — the supply is finite, and we’re reaching the peak of that supply.

That’s the conventional wisdom. But it’s wrong.

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