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Comment How about the flip side: Faking user data (Score 2) 130

It is amazingly simple to create a script to:
While (1) {
        1. Open your browser and go to Amazon, Google, Ebay, etc with embedded "search" for random words out of the dictionary or strings of words out of a text.
        Note: Search terms can be embedded in URL
        2. Pause (some of these sites will stop you from doing it X times per second)
        3. Close browser

I've run a script like this before. What follows are some amusing Amazon recommendations.

I've always wondered what would happen if my script searched for some hot button NSA phrases? What would happen to the market cap of these customer information based sites if everyone started running this script? Do these have the intelligence to distinguish between my searches and the script's searches?

Comment 1 MW is NOT Insignficant (Score 1) 216

1 MW of solar requires 7.4 acres (http://www.entergy-arkansas.com/content/news/docs/AR_Nuclear_One_Land_Use.pdf)

1 MW will provide enough power for about 1,000 homes. Not bad!

1 MW = 3.412 MMBtu of energy. At 50% efficiency, that takes over 6 MMBtus of fuel to produce every hour. At $4/MMBtu (cheap natural gas) the tide is providing 4 x 6 x 8,760 = $210K of free fuel.

Comment Doom via phone, like most iPhone stuff, is not new (Score 1) 161

The Sony Ericson P800 and the Motorola A920 had Doom ports that were very true to the Doom experience... in 2003.

As an unlocked A920 user, there is very little on the iPhone that I didn't see on that device. Apple's real accomplishment has been wrestling control away from the carriers who {locked down/disabled/walled gardened/made crappy} all of the devices that they sold.

I am happy for what Apple has done. It has allowed me to buy a Motorola Droid from Verizon without all of the restrictions it would otherwise have had.

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