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Comment I wonder as well.... (Score 1) 380

In the vast majority, over 90%, of the calls I make to people's houses to clean infected PCs the browser most often used is IE. I realize part of this is their larger market share but I also wonder if a higher percentage of regular IE users are more easily tricked into clicking on links they shouldn't.


Submission + - Sony: PSN User Data Not Encrypted

RedEaredSlider writes: Sony says users' credit card data stored on the PlayStation Network was encrypted, and probably safe from the hackers who attacked it last week and may have made off with the personal information of 77 million people.

In a post on the PlayStation Europe blog, Sony said the credit card information is in a separate database from the user information — names, emails, physical addresses and the like. The credit card data is encrypted, while the user information is not.

"The personal data table, which is a separate data set [from the credit card information], was not encrypted, but was, of course, behind a very sophisticated security system that was breached in a malicious attack," Sony said.

Encrypted or not, however, Sony says it is not able to rule out the possibility that the credit card information of its users was stolen. That's because the basic user information may be all a hacker would need, considering password and login will get an intruder access to a user's account details, including credit card payment information. Users, however, won't be able to change that information now that the PlayStation Network has been taken offline.

Comment Re:How do we make sure? (Score 2, Insightful) 206

Continue supporting open source solutions. As long as Unix/Linux OSes remain the dominant systems and Apache the dominant server then proprietary solutions will never win. The attempt of proprietary vendors to win is exactly what drives the community to fork and maintain open source. In the same way that BSD gave birth to FreeBSD, Open Office gave birth to Libre Office. I suspect Oracle will eventually force MySQL to fork in order to remain open but it has the momentum now to remain the dominant web DB. Freedom will prevail and that is what will make sure no one entity controls the web.

Comment Re:oblig. (Score 1) 458

Or where you are at when disaster strikes. I live alone so there are no loved ones to save so at home it would be data, then possessions. At a loved ones house my data would not be there to save so it would be loved ones, then possessions.

Comment Re:What we do/don't need in Calculus. (Score 1) 1153

I would theorize that the higher a percentage of a society is that is exposed to higher maths the better off that society as a whole is in the long run.

I got the impression from the article that someone like a plumber really doesn't need higher maths for everyday life but in reality everyday life for him/her is plumbing. The better plumbers are going to be so because of their better understanding of plumbing because of the related math. Understanding angles, line sizes and flow capacity, system volume and pressure, etc. are a part of everyday life for them.

The same is true for mechanics, electricians, machinists, carpenters, etc., the many average people working blue collar careers. Their everyday life is what they do for a living and the better they are at the applicable maths they better they are at their trade. How many of them knew what their career path would turn out to be in their early years of school? How many could have followed their eventual career path as successfully without an early maths foundation to build on?

I can't really seem to think of many careers where an understanding of higher maths would not be a benefit. That said, it would seem the more mathematically educated our workforce is as a whole the better off our society is for all of us.

Comment So (Score 1) 454

That's really the only thing I can thing of other than 'so what'. This is a free country and businesses can do what they want. People are free to go elsewhere if they don't like Best Buy or Best Buy's prices. I really don't even understand how or why this even made it on /.

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