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Submission + - Does an IT firm's internal IM usage affect your op

c0l0 writes: It's a seemingly recent fad in IT for everything to be migrated into the cloud. There is, however, one particular branch of technology where a hosted approach used to be the norm in the earlier days of the Internet, and where rock-solid do-it-yourself solutions have only emerged and spread out relatively recently: Instant Messaging. Many companies to this date are using the likes of Skype and ICQ for handling that kind of communication though, with all the strings attached to it: potential eavesdropping by those services' providers or even automatic transfer of copyright of any transported data to the IM networks' operators, amongst others.

I'd like to know how getting wind of an IT firm handling large chunks of its internal communication over such an IM network affects your perception of that firm — would you, as a potential customer, think it's an acceptable practise for the occasional excerpt of your data to be transported over any such network and applaud that firm for their cleverness in outsourcing the management of their IM infrastructure, or would you rather not deal with that firm on grounds mentioned above?

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