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Submission + - Autonomous Wave Gliders begin their Pacific crossi (gizmag.com)

cylonlover writes: Four small autonomous aquatic robots have embarked on a 60,000-kilometer (37,000-mile) journey across the Pacific ocean. The Wave Gliders, built by California-based Liquid Robotics, left San Francisco last Thursday. All four will travel together to Hawaii, at which point they will split into two pairs — one of those pairs will proceed to Australia, with the other heading for Japan. Called PacX (for "Pacific Crossing"), the project will constitute the longest voyage ever completed by an unmanned ocean vessel.

Submission + - SPAM: Calyx versus the FBI

Eric Blair writes: We've noted, repeatedly, that the feds have been caught abusing National Security Letters (NSLs) to try to get information they had no legal right to get. Because these NSLs usually contained an immediate gag order and no judicial review, basically the FBI could request whatever it wanted, and no one would review it and people couldn't speak out against it. So it was great to hear, about three years ago, that one ISP owner recipient of such an NSL was anonymously fighting back, specifically about the required gag order. We were disappointed last year, when a judge refused to drop the gag order, even if the actual request had been dropped by the feds.
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Submission + - India may switch off 3G on security concerns (indiatimes.com)

An anonymous reader writes: The home ministry has told the Department of Telecommunications to put 3G expansion plans on hold till tapping equipment is in place. Currently, the govt has capability of tapping into normal 2G cell phone conversations, but there does not exist any equipment with the govt. departments which allow tapping of video or high Bandwidth data calls between 3G handsets.

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