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Submission + - Obama Reverses Again, Closing Datacenters (

An anonymous reader writes: After quadrupling the number of government datacenters over his first three years, Obama's Administration is reversing course and closing the most recently opened datacenters. With one datacenter reportedly the size of three football fields, my question is what happens to all those recently purchased servers? Will the government hold a server fire sale? Count me in!

Submission + - 'Electronic Skin' Grafts Gadgets to Body (

sciencehabit writes: Researchers have developed ultrathin electronics that can be placed on the skin as easily as a temporary tattoo. The scientists hope the new devices will pave the way for sensors that monitor heart and brain activity without bulky equipment, or perhaps computers that operate via the subtlest voice commands or body movement. The devices can even be hidden under actual temporary tattoos to keep the electronics concealed, giving them potential applications for espionage.

Submission + - Intel Funds Ultra-Thin Laptops ( 1

bonch writes: Intel has set aside $300 million to fund ultra-thin laptops it calls 'Ultrabooks'. The Ultrabook will be less than 21 millimeters thick and will wake from sleep in less than seven seconds. Acknowledging the influence of the iPad and MacBook Air, Intel said Apple had told them that they needed to lower power-consumption or lose them as a customer, calling it 'a wake-up call.' Nigel Dessau, chief marketing officer of AMD, said his company is skeptical of ultra-thin laptops but will work with customers on low-power solutions. 'We are all going that way.'
Sun Microsystems

Submission + - Sun Unleashes An Earth-directed X6.9 Class Flare (

Daniel_Lee writes: The sun on Tuesday emitted an Earth-directed X6.9 flare at 3:48 a.m. EDT, as measured by the NOAA GOES satellite, according to NASA. The Solar flare peaked at 4:05 a.m..

These gigantic bursts of radiation cannot pass through Earth's atmosphere to harm humans on the ground, however, they can disrupt the atmosphere and disrupt GPS and communications signals. In this case, it appears the flare is strong enough to potentially cause some radio communication blackouts. It also produced increased solar energetic proton radiation — enough to affect humans in space if they do not protect themselves.

Data Storage

Submission + - Start-Up's 'Stone-Like' Optical Disc Lasts Forever (

CWmike writes: "Start-up Millenniata and LG plan to soon release a new optical disc and read/write player that will store movies, photos or any other data forever. The data can be accessed using on any current DVD or Blu-ray player. The M-Disc can be dipped in liquid nitrogen and then boiling water without harming it. It also has a Defense Department study backing up the resiliency of its product (PDF document) compared with other leading optical disc competitors. The company would not disclose what material is used to produce the optical discs, referring to it only as a 'natural' substance that is 'stone-like.' Like DVDs and Blu-ray discs, the M-Disc platters are made up of multiple layers of material. But there is no reflective, or die, layer. Instead, during the recording process a laser 'etches' pits onto the substrate material."

Submission + - AntiSec Hackers Dump Data After Hacking Police (

CWmike writes: "The war between law enforcement and Anonymous continued this past weekend as hackers leaked a 10 gigabyte database of private data. They say they stole information during an attack on more than 70 small-town law enforcement agencies. The hackers, an Anonymous-affiliated group known as AntiSec, say that they hope to 'embarrass, discredit and incriminate police officers across the US,' in retaliation for ongoing arrests of Anonymous members. The hackers had already knocked many of the sheriffs' sites offline last week, but on Saturday AntiSec posted e-mail messages, passwords, social security numbers, credit card numbers as well as messages from confidential informants."

Submission + - How to Combat IP-Based Censorship?

An anonymous reader writes: For a while now there has been a lot of buzz on a new proposed censorship scheme in Turkey. The government wants to crack down on freedom of speech and other rights by preventing us from accessing any websites it deems unsuitable. The reasons for that could be criticism of the government, pornography and basically anything a politician might dislike (Youtube is blocked for example, not sure about Google etc. because I'm bypassing the filter). Right now the state is using DNS-based filtering which can be circumvented with OpenDNS or proxy services which everybody knows about in Turkey. On August 22 however a new scheme will go into effect that uses IP-based filtering. Bypassing this by any means is illegal, but I wanted to get some opinions on how this could be done without having to set up a VPN server outside of Turkey and using it as a private proxy. (Really sorry for the lack of good sources but most of the articles I found are not in English.)

Submission + - Hackers Could Open Convicts' Cells in Prisons

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "Kim Zetter writes that some of the same vulnerabilities that the Stuxnet superworm used to sabotage centrifuges at a nuclear plant in Iran exist in the country’s top high-security prisons where programmable logic controllers (PLCs) control locks on cells and other facility doors and researchers have already written three exploits for PLC vulnerabilities they found. “Most people don’t know how a prison or jail is designed, that’s why no one has ever paid attention to it,” says John Strauchs, who plans to discuss the issue and demonstrate an exploit against the systems at the DefCon hacker conference next week. “How many people know they’re built with the same kind of PLC used in centrifuges?” A hacker would need to get his malware onto the control computer either by getting a corrupt insider to install it via an infected USB stick or send it via a phishing attack aimed at a prison staffer, since some control systems are also connected to the internet, Strauchs claims. “Bear in mind, a prison security electronic system has many parts beyond door control such as intercoms, lighting control, video surveillance, water and shower control, and so forth,” adds Strauchs. "Once we take control of the PLC we can do anything (PDF). Not just open and close doors. We can absolutely destroy the system. We could blow out all the electronics.”"

Submission + - SFPD Arrests Suspect in Airbnb Rental Trashing

theodp writes: Just days after it was reported that apartment sharing startup Airbnb had raised $112MM at a $1B+ valuation from investors that included Marc Andreessen and Jeff Bezos, Airbnb user EJ's blog entry on the ransacking of her apartment by Airbnb renters went viral, creating a PR nightmare that's turning into a war of words. CNET reports San Francisco police have confirmed that a 19-year-old woman has been arrested in the case, booked on possession of stolen property, methamphetamine, fraud charges, and an outstanding warrant. Since it seems doubtful that this news will convince EJ to endorse the service, perhaps Airbnb investor Bezos could list the spare rooms in his Seattle mansion, LA mansion, NYC penthouse, and Texas ranch houses with the service to show his support. Security pros might want to keep an eye on the Airbnb job site, although even the best of security is no match for a nightmare guest, as the Sofitel New York hotel can attest to.

Submission + - Anonymous Hackers leak 400MB data of ManTech ( writes: "As a part of Operation AntiSec, hactivist group “Anonymous” release 400MB of internal data from ManTech.Most of the documents in this first batch are related to NATO.According to Anonymous, ManTech documents were release to show how the public tax money were wasted by government.The leaked data can be downloaded .
The message also said the following:

        "Dear Government and Law Enforcement, we are repeating this message as we have the suspicion you still do not take us seriously: We are not scared anymore and your threats to arrest us are meaningless. We will continue to demonstrate how
        you fail at about every aspect of cybersecurity while burning hundreds of millions of dollars that you do not even have."

Read full release at"

Submission + - Doodling in Math Class (

An anonymous reader writes: Vi Hart's math video has gone viral

Submission + - It's not April 1st. 1

untitled90 writes: Gizmodo reports that HIV appears to actually be cured in a human being. They irradiated his entire body, then transplanted stem cells from a donor with a rare genetic mutation that makes you HIV-invincible. The radiation killed all his immune cells; resistant ones grew back. Results were published in the journal "blood" on December 2.

Submission + - Motorola Droid x Gets Rooted (

An anonymous reader writes: The Droid X forums have posted a procedure to root the new Motorola Droid X, putting to rest Andoid fans' fears that they would never gain access to the device's secrets due to a reported eFuse that would brick the phone if certain boot files were tampered with. Rooting the phone is the first step in gaining complete control over the device.

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