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Submission + - RIM Helping UK Police Track Down Rioters (

jfruhlinger writes: "Protests against a police shooting in the poor London neighborhood of Tottenham escalated into rioting and looting this past weekend. Initial reports have it that the activity was coordinated not by Twitter or Facebook but by the relatively old-tech method of BlackBerry messaging. Now the official Twitter account of RIM's UK division has announced that it is "engaged with the authorities to assist in any way we can," which presumalby means that it's handing over messages sent by rioters. Is BlackBerry being a responsible part of British society, or is it, in the word of one Twitter user, "snitching"?"

Submission + - Google also passes on European data to US authorit (

suraj.sun writes: Google also passes on European data to US authorities:

Google is making data that is stored in its European data centres accessible to authorities in the United States. When asked by the German language WirtschaftsWoche magazine, a company spokesperson saidGerman language that Google has passed on European user data to US intelligence services on several occasions.

US laws such as the Patriot Act require companies based in the country to make even data that is stored abroad accessible to the US authorities. In June, Microsoft had already admitted passing on European customer data from its Office 365 cloud service to US government departments.


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