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Submission + - Police Arrests 12 Over Facebook Use Inciting Riots

An anonymous reader writes: Scotland Yard vowed to track down and arrest protesters who posted “really inflammatory, inaccurate” messages on Facebook, but it didn’t stop at just two people. While two teenagers were arrested earlier this week in connection with messages posted on Facebook allegedly encouraging people to start rioting, 10 more have now joined them.

Submission + - The Signature of Parellel Universes in the CMB? (discovery.com)

astroengine writes: "An emerging new idea in cosmological circles is that the universe had a Big Bang, but only one of countless creation moments in a "megaverse" that is eternally inflating with multiple big bangs, like a string of firecrackers going off. But how can such a hypothesis have any observational evidence?

Well, according to researchers from University College London, patterns in the ubiquitous cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation may be the thumbprints of other universes that have been spawned alongside our own. What's more, they're not alone in this thinking. (Let's just hope they're not being duped by the cosmic equivalent of seeing bunny shapes in clouds.)"


Submission + - LinkedIn Pulls a Facebook on Privacy (businessinsider.com)

An anonymous reader writes: If you're a member of LinkedIn--the social network with a business bent--you might want to review some changes made in the service's privacy policy--if you can find it. LinkedIn has volunteered your name and photograph to be used for advertising if it feels like it wants to use them.

Submission + - Human-Powered Helicopter Breaks World Record (umd.edu)

An anonymous reader writes: The University of Maryland just announced that its human-powered Gamera helicopter recently broke the national record for longest human-powered flight while simultaneously setting the world record for the longest human-powered flight by a woman. Student Judy Wexler lifted the Gamera off the ground for a full 12 seconds — the previous national record was only four seconds. The pilot manually powers the hand and foot pedals to force Gamera into flight. Constructed from balsa wood, foam, mylar and carbon fiber, the machine itself weighs in at only 210 pounds.

Submission + - 10 Bizarre Fiber Cuts (level3.com) 1

ffejie writes: Fred Lawler, SVP of Global Field Services at Level 3 has an amusing look at some strange fiber cuts that he's seen in his days maintaining a large fiber network across the US. Whether it's squirrels, vandals, storms or truckers, it seems everyone has a new way to destroy the fiber that keeps the global communications infrastructure afloat.

Submission + - Handling an inherited house full of technology 3

Dewin writes: My father-in-law passed away earlier this year, leaving my wife as the executor of an estate including a house full of all sorts of hardware. There's a wide variety here — at least a half dozen computers and monitors (all LCDs, thankfully), mixing boards, a karaoke system, and a home networking setup with in-wall CAT5 wiring and no fewer than 3 wireless access points in addition to other networking hardware.

No one person is assigned specific items from the estate. It's a percentage share among the heirs, who are all (thankfully) on good terms with each other. Thus, we have some leeway in making decisions.

With that all in mind, we have the following questions:
  1. What's the best way to assess a value for all of the hardware in the house, and how do we determine what is worth keeping, what's worth selling, and what's just junk?
  2. Dozens of computers means dozens of harddisks, some of which probably hold interesting data either from an legal standpoint or a historical one. I'd like to find a way to aggregate all this data in one place quickly, ideally without having to look over each harddrive's contents or copying things like OS files.
  3. Is there any reason why I shouldn't just factory-reset all of the routers and reconfigure them to be in a known state (especially considering we lack the current admin passwords)? Considering I cannot get into the administrative interfaces for them currently, is there anything I should take note of first? There's nothing critical that we need running on the network that would break.
  4. I suspect the in-wall wiring is too old to support gigabit ethernet speeds, but I'd like to test (and possibly address that) if possible. Any tips?

We are on a fairly tight budget, so while purchases are an option we'd like to keep them fairly cheap and ideally something that will continue to be useful after the fact. Thanks!

Submission + - World's first Cybernetic Athlete to Compete (bbc.co.uk)

Tufriast writes: "The world's first mechanically augmented athlete, Oscar Pistorius, will now compete against unaugmented peers on behalf South Africa. He'll be running in the 400m and 4x400m relay at the World Athletics 2011 Championships. Pistorius, a double leg amputee, has had special leg blades crafted for him that allow him to compete against his peers. He's fought hard to prove the provide no advantage, and according to IAAF they do not. This should be a very interesting race to watch. His nickname: The Blade Runner."

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