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Submission + - DELL UK: Linux more expensive than Vista 1

NdotNdot writes: Setting out to configure a Linux notebook at Dell UK, I discovered a special £50 discount that is offered for the equivalent Vista notebook but not for the version with Ubuntu installed. Adjusting the main memory to the same size, the otherwise identical notebook is then £10 cheaper if Windows is installed. Starting to wonder who is behind this special discount?
Operating Systems

Submission + - NexentaOS is alive (

An anonymous reader writes: After too many months underground, NexentaOS, former GnuSolaris, has just announced its RC2 release for Intel/AMD CPUs, approaching its first stable release (Ellate 1.0) in February 2008 with the goal to be the official port of Debian/GNU to the OpenSolaris Core. The OS contains the latest OpenSolaris kernel with GNU application userland, such as Gnome, leveraging several packages from Debian/Ubuntu as well. If you would like to try out the power of Solaris (ZFS, DTrace, Containers etc), in a comfortable environment similar to Ubuntu and with a simple-to-use distribution on a single CD, download it, read the FAQ and get involved.

Submission + - OiNK Raided by Pigs!

t-bone writes: Dutch and British police have shut down OiNK and raided the home and workplace of its founder as well as the hosting center. There is an ominous warning at the site now as well. More info at Reuters

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