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Submission + - Andy Hunt loves the Arduino and Raspberry Pi, hates JavaScript

cerberusss writes: In an interview with Best Programming Books, Andy Hunt mentions he "hates languages that introduce accidental complexity, such as JavaScript—what a nightmare of pitfalls for newbies and even seasoned developers (...) My go-to languages are still Ruby for most things, or straight C for systems programming, Pi or Arduino projects".

Andy Hunt is the co-author of The Pragmatic Programmer and one of the seventeen software developers that published the Agile Manifesto.

Futhermore, he mentions that "I tend to do more experimenting and engineering than pure code writing, so there’s occasionally some soldering involved ;). Code is just one tool of many".

Submission + - SPAM: HDMI over USB-C: What's a development kit?

bvankuik writes: Cypress is a producer of ICs, and their stuff is on all sorts of products like several Apple laptops, Sony's PlayStation 4, FitBit products, etc. They have recently announced that their CCG2/3/4 chips supports HDMI over USB Type-C. Such an announcement often comes with a development and this blog explains what a development kit is, and how it's generally used.

Submission + - 10 Books Every Programmer Should Read (codepancake.com)

bodiam writes: There are many books available for programmers, ranging from topics such as programming languages, algorithms, design patterns, and many more. In this forest of books, it’s easy to get lost, so we created a small list of books which should be read by every programmer. Reading these books will help a great deal in becoming a better programmer!

Comment Re:Maybe she can answer in hindsight (Score 1) 651

We should never underestimate the value of surviving, surviving is what humans do, everything else (including sex) is just a footnote.

Recent theories suggest that sex is actually more important than survival. Read "The Selfish Gene". An example can be found in birds, where the males have very distinguishing colors. These colors are easier to spot by predators. But they also tell the females, look how nice my colors are -- I can execute my mating dance in the open field and not get caught by predators.

Portables (Apple)

Submission + - WiFi drop-off problem still dogging MacBook lines (cnet.com) 1

cerberusss writes: "In October last year, CNet AirPort dropouts in Snow Leopard after ZDnet reported earlier on the WiFi problems. Apple subsequently released a firmware update in a Knowledge Base article, after many people devised workarounds such as decreasing their wireless router security, buying USB WiFi sticks, changing router settings and downgrades to the previous OS version. But today, a long-running thread on the Apple Discussions board named Dropping Wi Fi reached 47 pages. This indicates that there are multiple problems that Apple doesn't have a solution for. One user writes in frustration:

"I've spent hours on the phone with Applecare regarding this issue. First they blamed me, then the DNS servers, then the microwave, florescent lights, someone else's wifi, the router manufactures, their software writers, and the list goes on and on. I just want a Macbook that works."


Comment Re:Yuh huh (Score 0) 180

This is a problem with OSes like Linux as well. Webbased software like Wordpress is often not packaged. Thus when it is installed, you need to make sure to subscribe yourself to the particular mailinglist to receive update notifications. Also, you will need to subscribe to your regular security mailinglist because the vendor will not always tell you pronto when vulnerabilities are found.

The situation described by the orginal parent is partly valid for Linux as well.

Comment Re:sigh (Score 4, Informative) 223

As far as the KDE thing, though, I agree. Exactly what sort of "integration" with KDE was expected?

I would appreciate it if Chrome took it's default font size/color from the KDE settings. What would even be better is if there was a KDE theme that also took over the KDE look and feel for the browser window and the tabs, and the buttons and dialogues that Chrome has.

Comment Re:Jobs is happy with it? (Score 1) 303

I've used touchscreens on everything from POS terminals to cash registers to tablets to iphones. Without exception, they all suck. Touchscreens are an answer to a question nobody asked.

That may be a personal issue. Everyone I show the photos on my iPhone, will immediately understand the swipe to left and right movement to see the other photos.

Comment Re:makes windows marginally bearable (Score 2, Insightful) 203

If you think about it, it is almost unbelievable that Microsoft would release a new shell, then mak it not POSIX compliant. Almos defy OS for the last couple of decades has aimed for POSIX compliancy. Then when they build a shell, they ignore that and go on their own way. I wonder what would have happened if they just tried to conform.

A lot of sysadmins who are fluent with shell scripting, could have jumped in and have a huge advantage administering Windows machines. A lot of free utilities could easily be ported. And Windows admins could just pick up any of the gajillion resources on Shell scripting, or visit a local Unix user group to pick up tricks.

I know Powershell has lots of hooks that apps can hook into; that's basically the equivalent of Linux' D-Bus system.

Comment Re:Say goodbye for XML (Score 1) 272

XML is very useful for configuration files:
- All programming languages have parsers for it.
- Since it is so standard, most other programs can read it.
- These parsers can almost always do basic error checking by creating a DTD (file which contains all XML tags in the config file?)
- The config file can be upgraded (to the next version) using XSLT, no need to write a custom upgrade program
- It is very easy to extend a parameter on the XML config file, for instance from a single value to an array of values

Comment Re:Not more safe (Score 1) 611

My mother managed to get some nearly-impossible-to-remove scareware on her (Windows) netbook. She swears up and down that she never visited any sketchy sites

I know it's your mother and all that but it was probably some porn site she visited.

  Because you're her son, she'd probably never say that but trust me, men aren't the only who visit porn sites. The human race was built with lust inside, and your mom by definition wasn't exempt.

Moderators, I am not trying to be funny or snarky, just pointing out the obvious (for me at least).

Comment Correct level (Score 3, Interesting) 528

Giving up modpoints for this: this is an awesome feature. Basically this will do what the Google Chrome browser does, except now at the correct level.Like managing window size and position, it seems to me the tabbing of windows should be done at the Window Manager level. Currently, each app tries to solve this separately. That is a waste of resources.

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