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Comment Re:Worst keyboard I ever used (Score 0) 459

I have to disagree. I have been using that keyboard since 2006 and I love it (not as much as my new mechanical keyboard mind you but that's another story). I use the calc function alot at work and the layout just seems to work for me. I am all for trying new designs, if it works great if not, return it.

But hey, I'm an engineer, not a scientist, so what do I know.

Comment Origin of the term cloud (Score 0) 394

This part made me laugh
To guard against data loss and system slowdowns, Google and Yahoo maintain fortress-like data centers across four continents and connect them with thousands of miles of fiber-optic cable. These globe-spanning networks, representing billions of dollars of investment, are known as “clouds” because data moves seamlessly around them

Submission + - Massachusetts adopts Open XML (

willdavid writes: "By John Fontana, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has added Open XML to its list of approved open documents formats. Critics of Open XML adoption, such as Andy Updegrove, a lawyer, Linux Foundation board member and Massachusetts resident, said Microsoft should not be "rewarded for launching a competing, self-serving standard as a next-best defense against erosion of its dominant position." Massachusetts officials acknowledged the criticism, but said the importance of open formats could not be denied. chusetts-open-xml.html?page=1"

Submission + - Monkeys and humans learn the same way (

Lucas123 writes: "A new study from UCLA showed that monkeys, like humans, learn faster by being actively involved in the learning process rather than just having information placed before them, according to a story in ScienceDaily. In the study, two rhesus macaque monkeys learned to put up to 18 photos on an ATM-like touch screen in a row. 'The monkeys did much better on the first three days when they had the help than when they didn't, but on the test day, it completely reversed.'"
Operating Systems

Submission + - Signal and Noise in GPLv3 (

jammag writes: "In this article Signal and Noise in GPLv3, writer Bruce Byfield combines his interviews with Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman and Peter Brown to dispel the media-driven hype about the supposed "civil war" over the new GPL. "Many journalists prefer to report on a conflict than an agreement," Byfield writes.

So even though he quotes Torvalds as saying, about the FSF, "Get the fuck out of my face — your morality is your morality and keep it to yourself," Byfield notes that the differences between the various parties won't ultimately hurt open source. "Real animosities exist, yet they rarely seem to get in the way of co-operation or shared interests," he concludes."


Submission + - Microsoft Project has a linux competitor

LinuxEagle writes: "According to Linux-Watch Projity,will be announcing on August 7 at LinuxWorld their OpenProj, "a open-source desktop replacement of Microsoft Project". Microsoft Project has over 28 million users, and Projity is hoping to be able to attract a few. A video preview will be available next week along with a download at their website. Will OpenProj be able to compete with Microsoft Project?"

Submission + - Linux Setup for x86 now available in C (

butchcassidy1717 writes: "Recently H. Peter Anvin released some patches replacing the old Linux Startup code (assembly) with a new C.

" He went on to explain why he did this, 'the new code is vastly easier to read, and, I hope, debug. It should be noted that I found a fair number of minor bugs while going through this code, and have attempted to correct them.' "

"Linus Torvalds reacted favorably, "I can't really argue against this on any sane grounds — not only is it removing more lines than it adds, but moving from mostly unreadable assembly to C seems a good idea.""
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