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Submission + - Training promisory notes

buss_error writes: "My employer is requiring a promissory note for any training given. In exchange for the training and continued employment, for 30 months I must repay 100% of the training costs, the cost of attending training, and my meals if I leave employment. There are no exceptions.

If I am released due to budget cuts — I owe it 100%.

If I die, my estate owes it, 100%.

If I must take medical retirement, I owe it 100%.

If I leave to care for a terminally ill mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, I owe it 100%.

Human Resources says that this is "common industry standard." I don't think so. Human resources says that this is "normal" and "accepted", that any that object are "irrational" and "over reacting". Human Resources also say "we'll carefully consider the circumstance" and "not require repayment in true hard ship cases" but will not exclude anything in the contact.

I think this is dishonest. Add in that I've requested training since 2006 but have always been denied until this contract was formulated, and I was ordered (upon pain of dismissal) to take the training I don't want, didn't ask for, and can't use. In private, they say they won't ask for repayment if budget cuts deem they have to cut my job. But they won't put it in writing.

I don't mind if the costs were called due if I left to accept employment elsewhere. I wouldn't mind if it called for repayment if I violated work rules — I've been there for 15 years. I know the rules and obey them. Worse, there isn't anything from keeping $DAYJOB from demanding that I take $10K, $20K, or 100K of training.

I would like to ask you to post what your employer requires for training."

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