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Submission + - New species of human from China?

BayaWeaver writes: These are exciting times in anthropology.
Recent analysis of fossils first discovered in China in 1979 indicate that a human-like species may have co-existed with modern humans as late as 11,500 years ago. This presumably new species has been nicknamed Red Deer Cave people because of their apparent taste for the extinct giant red deer. Compare this finding with the "hobbits" discovered on the Indonesian island of Flores in 2003 which are also thought to have been around until 12,000 years ago. Similarly, the Denisovans discovered in 2010 were co-existing with modern humans in Siberia about 30,000 years ago. It is also interesting that the sensational, high-impact is published in open access PLoS and not the traditional pay-walled journals like Nature and Science.

Submission + - How safe is flying with Macgyver?

CyberDong writes: A friend of mine is flying soon, and we were discussing the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority packing list. The topic of Macgyver came up, and we started trying to think of ways that carry-on articles could be combined. For example, "cheese dunked in breast milk with razors, sealed in a container until the gas builds up and explodes across the room"? Or what could you do with air-activated hand warmers, 2 batteries, and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide?

What can more chemically talented Slashdotters find in the list that we should fear?

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