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Comment Re:This definitely (Score 1) 447

Peter was named head of said church, which at the time had no name (the word "Catholic" actually is Latin for "Universal", though it wasn't known as such until far later).

Even then, Nicene Creed already speaks of "one holy catholic and apostolic Church", and that was long before Roman Catholic Church was an entity known under this name and distinct from other churches; and the earliest documented use of the term "catholic church" dates back to 110, which I wouldn't call "far later".

Of course, all churches claim to be "catholic" (i.e. universal) in practice - all Orthodox church communions do so, and so do protestants, though for the latter it's the more abstract concept unifying all true believers outside of any formal church hierarchy.

Comment Re:Not OSU (Score 1) 230

Did you go to okstate.edu, Oklahoma State University's home page? They refer to themselves as "OSU" on multiple occasions, most notably the big "About OSU" link at the home. Just because Ohio State snatched the domain first doesn't mean they can't both be called "OSU". (You should try living in Iowa but close to Illinois and guess which "U [of] I" people are talking about.)

Comment Still chokes on flash? (Score 1) 165

Intel and Adobe both have completely dropped the ball, but right now it's Intel that's in trouble. The only "netbook" I know that can handle fullscreen flash is the LT3013u; At 12" and $350 it hits the price point okay but misses size. Still, it's at least got a 720p display, which means it has to do more than most of the competition to even break even — it does better than that.

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