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Submission + - False Alert: Dead Not Rising From Graves (

DeviceGuru writes: On Monday, an anonymous hacker hijacked a Montana TV station's Emergency Alert System and warned viewers of an ongoing zombie incident, in which 'the bodies of the dead are rising from their graves and attacking the living.' The phony alert, which interrupted a teen cheaters segment of The Steve Wilkos Show, advised viewers not "to approach or apprehend these bodies as they are considered extremely dangerous.' A short YouTube video of the incident is available here. Serious, the very fact that the Emergency Alert System can be hacked so easily is scary enough!

Comment scuba-diving (Score 1) 366

Since you are a network guy, I guess you could go take a look at those cables in the sea that keep getting cut every few months. I bet the original contractor just put a rock on them so they remain at the bottom but they are all in a tangled-mess and one gets loose from time to time.

Comment Re:Divide it first (Score 1) 282

What's wrong with all you people!?!?

The correct method is to just cut the pizza however you want. Then offer the other person the opportunity to pick their slice(s) first. While they are distracted selecting their slice(s), club them like a baby seal. Then you may eat all of the slices and possibly make a profit after searching their pockets.

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