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Comment Re:Maybe (Score 1) 47

When I both started and stopped taking an SSRI there were prolonged periods where I was dizzy when turning while walking and shorter periods while driving. There were even a few instances of depersonalization and derealization, so when you feel like you're trippin', you tend to move slowly ans deliberately.

Comment Re:Trump's Fault (Score 1) 123

So the only countries that have increase CO2 emission since the Kyoto Protocol are now choking to death on the particulate pollution they generated along with the increase CO2 emission, and that is Trump's fault! Looks to me like Natural Selection in action and they have elected to be deselected by their own actions, evolution is a cruel mistress.

Comment Re:And just try symmetric encrypting with GPG... (Score 2) 216

As near as I can figure out he really pissed off because gpg doesn't say
"We're calculating really complex mathematical shit, we're really not frozen."
"we're not frozen, just really busy doing computer stuff that's really complicated, so don't start pounding on the keyboard until we tell you to or you'll just screw shit up"."
    and finally
  "start pounding on the keyboard like a chimpanzee trying to write the complete works of Shakespeare because we need some really random shit"
and use the phrase "shitfest" like punctuation.

Comment Re:Low Interest In The Public (Score 2) 216

After the snowden reveal, I switched to it exclusively when communicating with a friend of mine.

The NSA is not interested in your cat videos.

But if they are encrypted, they don't know they are cat videos. One of the points of encryption, like document shredding is to "do" everything, if you only 'do' the important things the Snoops will know what is important and what isn't. Decrypting, like reassembling shredded documents is very expensive, make them spend on junk mail and cat videos and they won’t be able to afford your important stuff.

Comment Re:So what are the stats on /.? (Score 1) 174

With 9 comments here already, I see the problem being blamed on:
- Freedom of speech
- Admins
- Muslims
- Liberals

No surprise that they're all ACs.

I'm sure it would be very upsetting for the ACs if /. started tracking IPs, but I suspect that a disproportionate number of "Trolls" come from the same IPs.

The original intention of posting AC was to protect a user from reprisals who posted a comment that contained insider information pertinent to the subject, but would be embarrassing or even illegal to an employer, a government or other organizations. Now it more likely to shield trolls from being responsible for their comments, even in the vaguest of virtual sense, than it original intention.

Tracking IP's tell us nothing about an AC, but does allow law enforcement to backtrack to a location. It is entirely feasible for multiple /.ers to be behind the same NAT, and banishing an IP addy can be circumvented as easily as rebooting a cable or satellite MODEM. Tracking IP could easily have a chilling effect on a forum that long cherished a wild-west style of no-holds-barred free speech.

If being Trolled or Flamed leaves you intolerably butt-hurt, perhaps a safer-place may be more suitable to your sensitivities.

Comment Re:Polling Lies (Score 1) 145

First of all, people are going to answer Slackware even if they don't use it, because the Linux community is pervaded by a bunch of neck-bearded hipsters who liked Slackware before Slackware was cool. The reality is that they all run RedHat but are just desperate to look cool and unique.

The barb would have been sharper if the distro would have been Kubuntu instead of Redhat.

Comment Re:Opera used to handle this nicely (Score 1) 325

But anyway, most of the web sucks in this regard. Period. Sites are horribly designed these days - a gazillion JS dependencies, unnecessarily large images which get scaled, zero concern for mobile devices, etc.

There's a lot of gotch ya's in there, Google will give your page rank a boost (Mobilegeddon) if your site is responsive, and that pretty much means using bootstrap. Bootstrap doesn't let you define your image sizes because you'll never know, the main purpose of bootstrap is the same code that displays on a 70 inch 4K wide screen tv connected to a computer will work on an El Cheepo smart-phone and everything in between seemlessly; and that sure beats trying to code one version for computers and on for smart-phone and trying to keep them in sync.
The amount of javascript is horrifying if you are hosting third party ads on your page and none of it wants to play nice. The stuff a lot of other sites is doing with PHP just boggles the mind as well, I'd like to be able to link to some sites from ours but the way they use PHP makes it impossible to do; website security seems to jump from nothing to impossible to use, with no just right in the middle.

Comment Re:Web page designers (Score 1) 325

all show which side their bread is buttered on.

When the advertising content loads first and the page rebuilds/rearranges itself 6 or 8 times and finally the content you want to see becomes visible or stabilizes enough to click a link.

I think some of the pages are designed to do this on purpose.
You get a glimpse of the content you are looking for and click on a link just as the page rebuilds itself and the link has changed to an ad and the cash register rings on a click through.

I was getting ready to say fuck that shit, I'm out in the boonies on Hughsnet metered connections and we go over our bandwidth every month. What I was going to do is record the domains hosting any adds about herbal viagra, why a celeb doesn't talk about an offspring, or pictures being banned or embarrassing, or dear hughesnet subscriber popunder and the edit the host file so they would resolve to my router who's web server would send back a nice clean 404 error. Some how win10 isn't allowing me to edit the host file even as Administrator, I guess they are all in cahoots now to screw us over.

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