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Comment Re: OMG that's a dodgy check (Score 1) 296

The odd thing about the rating from Charity Navigator rating is a few weeks ago I checked the Clinton Foundation there, they were de-rated, not having an understandable business plan, now they're listed with a good rating!
Obviously somebody is trolling somebody, but you can't tell who

Comment Re:Election interference (Score 1) 406

Well maybe Trump hasn't done anything particularly outrageous other than a few sophomoric ramblings from a decade ago and some ill-thought out sentence fragments more recently while trying to pander to a particular group.
Anything Trump does is over-shadowed by the Clinton campaign.
Example Trump is outed by a hot-mic in a sophomoric claim that female groupies let him fondle their genitals and kiss them because he's a star. Just when this is starting to get some traction he apologises.
Then we find out the recording was edited, so we wouldn't hear Billy Bush egging him on.
After that several women come forward with similar claims we then find out the Democratic Super PAC Correct the Record was paying them.

Over and over again, anything that Clinton says about Trump, she has done herself, done worse, done for longer or has enabled someone else to have done worse.

Comment Re:Whaa whaa whaa, Trump's a victim! (Score 1) 406

Beckel said. “This guy’s a traitor, he’s treasonous, and he has broken every law of the United States. And I’m not for the death penalty, so...there’s only one way to do it: illegally shoot the son of a bitch.”

I suppose you think Geraldo Rivera is a conservative republican too, a token liberal, but they are hardy a conservative. What you're not noticing is Assange is specifically targeting Clinton and he doing that because he's actually read the diplomatic cables stolen by Manning and he knows the difference between Clinton's public position and her private position. He is literally trying to protect the world from Hillary Clinton and the world need the protection.

Comment Re:And yet (Score 1) 406

Sorry, too busy pondering what would happen if Trump were CIC. Didn't he say he would carpet bomb ISIS and steal the oil? He knows more about ISIS than "tha generals". K then, Like I said,: too busy pondering Armageddon under Trump....

Yes he said that, but I think he meant "I knows more about ISIS than the generals that haven't been purged"; the Obama administration has lost a lot of good men in the military.

Comment Re:And yet (Score 1) 406

It's really hard to tell if Trump is lying, he has a very unstructured thought/speech pattern, so you're never sure if you've missed a context shift or not and he often fails to deliver the Coup de grâce, such as in the last debate when they were talking about the income taxes as you mentioned above, Trump should have finished with "And you have taken the same tax deduction, that you're accusing me of taking" but didn't.

And as far as starting wars Obama/Clinton has destablised the whole middle east into sectarian genocide, we're all but in a shooting war with Russia, shit is getting real with Iran in a proxy war in Yeman and both Iran and Saudi Arabia are jockeying for position to take advantage of the vacuum created when ISIS get hammered into the ground; so I don't see how things could get worse.

Comment Re:And yet (Score 3, Insightful) 406

There is nothing you need to know about Hillary Clinton that isn't known, She will sleep comfortably while you are begging for help to save your life; she has absolutely zero empathy. The Clinton Foundation raked in hundreds of Millions of dollars for the Haitian Earthquake relief and did almost nothing for the Haitians with the money. Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar and that is secondary to bouncing all around the Cluster B personality disorders. If there is a rule or a law, she will break it without a moments hesitation if she perceives the benefit in added power, money or prestige outweighs the risks.
Simply research all of the scandals the occurred in the Bill Clinton administrations, the ones she orchestrated, and ask yourself what would it be like if she had the powers of Presidential Pardon and Executive Privilege? By all accounts her behaviour when out of the public eye is simply vile, especially towards Military or Law Enforcement; how one treats subordinates speaks volumes.

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