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Comment Re:What precentage caused by man? (Score 1) 325

...some tree ring series started showing declines in temperatures that weren't matched in observations by actual thermometers...

Slow down there, cowboy!

Tree ring data is used to estimate temperature changes occurring during the past before there were thermometers (or humans for much of Earth's past history for which tree-ring data is used, for that matter).

Can't be comparisons between two data sets when one set does not exist!

Now that is just ignorant, we still have trees, we have thermometer, Mann could easily plotted the tree proxy data, and the thermometer data as two coexisting dataset and an observer could visual judge thee correlation between the two plots. Instead he spliced the two and presented them as if they were one; many people interpret this as an act of wilful deception.

Comment Re:What precentage caused by man? (Score 1) 325

Dr. Mann worked at the University of Virginia in the United States, It was Dr Jones at the CRU, Climatic Research Unit, in the University of East Anglia in England. Dr. Mann has a degree in mathematics and presumably took one or more courses in statistics. Dr. Jones supposedly can't even use an excell spreadsheet.

Comment Re:What precentage caused by man? (Score 1) 325

Your Neighbor told you your house is on fire because he saw the fireplace was lit through the window.Do you:

A. Call the fire department?
B. Accuse the neighbor of telling you your house is on fire that "Fire is just somebody's religion!"
C. Convene a study to determine if the house really is on fire, and if so, if it was due to spontaneous combustion or if there's a arsonist about?
D. "Blame Liberals!"
E. Post to Facebook or instagram?

There I fixed it for you.

Comment Re:Junk Science (Score 1) 373

Or we could, you know, work to reduce CO2 emissions. In the end we'll have to do it anyways, so why not start now? Why just build higher levies and give the middle finger to brown-skinned people unlucky enough to have been born in developing nations?

We did reduce CO2 Emissions and in fact our emissions are trending down as well; now China on the other hand seems to get a free pass by alarmists.

Comment Re:No complaints here (Score 1) 373

And of course, because any aspect of US monitoring of climate is going to be defunded, for the next five to ten years the virginal unwashed basement dwellers and all the angry Rust Belters can continue to pretend that a lack of solid action on CO2 emissions isn't going to cause any problems whatsoever.

That might hold water if it wasn't for the fact that both China and India are increasing CO2 emissions while the rest of the world is decreasing their's. If the United States had Zero Emissions it would make no difference on a Global Scale.

Comment Re:Are there alternatives to John Deere? (Score 1) 497

Mostly Implements connect to a drawbar to be pull with and the hydraulics through standardized connectors. The show stopper is usually having enough power, Farmers usually connect 2 or 3 different impliments together to till a field in one pass for fuel and time efficiency. High end tractors will have the transmissions shifting and engine fuel management all connected and even GPS to assist with steering so the tractor doesn't pass over ground all ready worked or miss pieces.

Comment Re:Perpetuation (Score 3, Informative) 497

How proprietary, what most think if a tractor is 25-100 Hp , everybody and there brother sells one $10.000-50,000), what most people think of as a big tractor is 100-175 Hp range $100,000-175,000 and they numerous manufactures, what a Farmer thinks of as a big tractor is 450-642Hp and is in the neighborhood of a $1/2 million, there 2 manufactures.

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