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Comment Re:Trusting stoners to protect your data (Score 1) 144

No, the company that literally is based around sales and use of a drug known and acknowledged to impair judgement, is trusting their data to a cloud based storage and software company who's product is an ERP software specifically tailored for the marijuana industry. They, by law have to track inventory from seed to retail sale, this data was destroyed. Apparently there were offline or off-site backups that are being used to restore the service.

Ward continued. “What will take time is reconstructing historical data” from backups, a process she likened to piecing together a jigsaw puzzle.

Sounds like they may be building from a combination of full and incremental backups.

Comment Re:Lol, yeah sure (Score 1) 144

Well for the most part, the security of encrypted data is The_perceived_value / Cost_of_decryption. Cost_of_decryption would be high if your trying to brute-force the database encryption, not so much if you have a key-logger installed on a POS and force everybody to change password to access their cloud data and a copy of the software used.

Comment Re:FBI director announced two things (Score 1) 144

Occam's Razor suggests that the simpler explanation is correct - that the reason the FBI didn't recommend charges was because charges weren't justified.

My Occam's Razor says the simplest answer was "In this Political Environment no reasonable prosecutor would pursue this matter.", but saying the "In this Political Environment " part out loud would have been suicidal.

Comment Re:MUST be free not 100$ (Score 1) 372

We share a common name with a British Dentist and I've seen his website, while NHS dental care may be free, he's only seeing NHS patients once a week, it appears you can get free, you can get taken care without waiting 6 months for an appointment but not both. Hopefully this is a YMMV thing but I suspect it's not.

Comment Re:Former CVS pharmacist here (Score 1) 372

No they just click a couple times with the mouse and the Rx either spits out the printer (and is legible) or is sent electronically to the pharmacy of record. If the staff knows how to set up the software, it works well, if not they limp along with the software vendor's defaults. The vendor defaults are usually set up in consultation with industry reps, so generic is extra steps, I suspect there are a product placement deals involved too..

Comment Re:Good for CVS (Score 1) 372

Since there is no difference in what is in the pen and they have the same effect, there is no reason to buy the more expensive one. Either way, it's a temporary measure until you can get the person to the hospital.

What is likely happen now is the Insurers will say an Epi autoinjector is a covered benefit, and it's covered at $109.99. Now if Mylan wants to sell Epi-pens and have it cover by insurance, it'll be at $109.99; if they don't play ball, the pharmacies wouldn't have enough volume to justify stocking. The Insurance have a contract with Providers and almost always it's a violation of the contract to sell to a patient for cash for more than the allowed amount for a covered benefit. Sometime a Patient will strike up a side-deal to get the "good stuff" for cash, but sooner or later somebody submits it to Insurance and the Provider gets busted, sued, all of the side deals come out in discovery, and all of those Patients get reimbursed.

Comment Re:Capitalism sort-of works, sometimes (Score 1) 372

It's not that it's not workable, it's that the markets are not efficient (in the economic sense). Note that this took TEN YEARS to occur. Had the reaction been on the order of 3-6 months, I'd say it worked properly. The time from the beginning of price gouging to the current state where the cost is a single digit multiple of the production cost means that the marketplace is only reactive to massive imbalances.

You can't even fill out the FDA applications in 3 months.

Comment Re:you mean capitalism works? (Score 1) 372

There are no patents that I know of, Mylan might have a patent on their particular style of autoinjector, but autoinjectors are a technology developed for the military 40years ago, well outside of patent protection. There certainly many servicable designs that have fallen out of patent protection. The drug epinephrine is a natural hormone produced by the adrenal glands and has been used medically for decades and first isolated in 1901. While a particular method to manufacture it could be patented, it's an inexpensive generic drug.
There is no reason why anyone couldn't get FDA501(k) certified, buy some product liability insurance, a few thousand unfilled autoinjectors and some epinepherine and go to town; that's what CVS did.

Comment Re:you mean capitalism works? (Score 1) 372

No they could raise their prices because Heather Bresch, CEO of Mylan Corp is the daughter of Democratic U.S. Senator Joe Manchin, allowing her company to engage in price gouging in a FDA regulated industry on a medical device whose purchase by all US schools is required by theUS Dept of Education regulations.

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