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Submission + - London Stock Exchange delays Linux switch (computerworlduk.com)

buddyglass writes: Citing scalability concerns after its test platform "Turqoise" was knocked offline for two hours by unusually high volume, the London Stock Exchange announced that it is delaying its planned switch from Microsoft to Linux. The switch was initially motivated by a desire for shorter latencies. Notably, the NASDAQ uses a scalable Linux-based system that achieves trade latencies 25ms shorter than the LSE's planned deployment.

Submission + - No more Windows bugs? (h-online.com) 4

buddyglass writes: Past submitters have focused on previous "Patch Tuesdays" in which Microsoft has issued fixes for a record number of issues. Examples here and here. It seems only fair, then, to mention that the software maker intends to release only a single fix this iteration, addressing an issue that is only considered critical for Windows 2000 systems. If past releases with large numbers of fixes were evidence of the poor quality of Microsoft software, and by extension the closed source model in general, does this upcoming Tuesday represent some level of vindication?

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