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Comment Re:Summers off? (Score 0) 729

Actually it's even more relevant now.
Summer = heat = air conditioners = higher electric bills
Vacation stops will have less revenue = loss of jobs
Less jobs = less taxes = less money for schools/health care
less money for schools = no air conditioners = heat exhaustion = kids in hospitals
Less money for healthcare = bad healthcare/dead kids

Comment You all realize (Score 0) 422

that the sun is has basically started it's solar max cycle right now even though the predictions were for 2010 - 2011 with one scientist say 2012. Some say 2013 now. I personally believe since the solar storms have already started that it has started and will peak in February.

Comment Re:Dear republican candidates (Score 0) 452

I was wondering when the "Stop playing my music" stuff was gonna start up again. I don't understand why they can not just open up Garageband or something similar bust out some 30 second loop made from stuff that isn't copyrighted and be done with it. At least Ron Paul has supporters, some in the industry, that make music about him that they gladly allow him to play.

For instance Aimee Allen:

Comment Re:According to TSA, Paul was not detained (Score 0) 941

By definition they detained him:
detain (d-tn)
tr.v. detained, detaining, detains
1. To keep from proceeding; delay or retard.
2. To keep in custody or temporary confinement: The police detained several suspects for questioning. The disruptive students were detained after school until their parents had been notified.
3. Obsolete To retain or withhold (payment or property, for example).
[Middle English deteinen, from Old French detenir, from Vulgar Latin *dtenre, from Latin dtinre : d-, de- + tenre, to hold; see ten- in Indo-European roots.]
detainment n.

Comment Re:Hell that's nothing (Score 0) 1059

"He's a complete nutjob. He's opposed to practically every single government agency, including the Dept of Education, EPA, NIH, and the Social Security Administration. He's a racist who opposes the Civil Rights Act and has a pretty devoted following of neo-Nazis and white supremacists. He's against consumer legislation. He wants to go back to the gold standard. He also compared Social Security and Medicare to slavery. WTF?"

They are all unconstitutional
Dept. of Education - has caused the price of education to go up and the quality of education to go down ever since it was created. And also prevents states from deciding how their school should be run.

EPA - doesn't stop pollution. It allows a certain amount of "safe" pollution. "Safe", being something which can be changed buy lobbyist. True property rights are stricter in the sense that no one can pollute any amount of anything on any property public or private.

Social Security - There's no money in social security it's gone. He has said though he would honor the obligation of it and slowly faze it out.

He's definitely not a racist

"Civil Rights Act - if repealed still doesn't make it possible for business to be racist in a free market. Would you patronize a racist business? I wouldn't. It's called voting with your wallet. At the federal level it's unconstitutional. He wants to go back to the gold standard."

Having a follower of questionable background does not equate being like that person. to quoque

I don't believe he's mentioned anything about consumer legislation. Yet, I would assume that even without it one could sue in civil court and others could vote with their wallets.(thats my thoughts based on what I understand of Ron Pauls stances)

Gold and silver was money for a very long time and is very stable. Every time in history when a country used fiat money there was always rapid inflation. For instance ever since 1913 there has been an ever growing inflation due to our devaluing dollar.

"He also compared Social Security and Medicare to slavery."
I don't think I'v ever heard him say that or seen it written something like that. You might be mixing that up with his statements on student loans.

"He's an obstetrician/gynecologist who opposes abortion. That doesn't even make sense. He claims to be a libertarian, yet wants to prevent women from getting abortions? He wouldn't care for a patient who couldn't afford his services (and he pretty much said this in an earlier debate on TV). His son is an ophthalmologist who decided to quit the national opthalmology licensing board to start his own."

Abortion - He personally opposes abortion. it's a states issue and not a federal one due to the fact that it's not within the federal level to make any laws about it either way for it or not.

Not caring for patients is wildly untrue and a bald face lie. there's many stories all over about ron paul giving free care. He even did it for fresh caught shrimp.

I don't know much about his son but what I have seen he is a strait up person and for what i have seen from his speech about the ndaa i like him to

Comment Re:Romney (Score 0) 343

You might want to take a look at this then, before you go vote for him:
and this
Not the original but still good.

See as a Ron Paul Supporter I still spend the time to go find out about other candidates as well as reasons to not vote for Ron Paul. Still haven't found one yet.
Now watch these:
And If you have the time try this

Ron Paul 2012

Comment Re:To all candidates (Score 0) 343

I don't like Ron Paul's stance on abortion but he is right that it is a states issue. Then again it really shouldn't be anyones issue except for the person carrying the baby. But thats up to the states. Although I do believe there should be a term limit on abortion. Other than that I'm for Ron Paul. Most of the policies he wants to throw out are unconstitutional for the federal government to make laws on. He technically not legalizing or legalizing them he making them a states issue which is where they belong. Local governments have always been better at figuring out local issues.

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