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Comment Re:ProtonMail users (Score 1) 26

PGP with a normal email client does nothing to protect your "metadata", i.e. who you are, who you communicate with, the subject line, date, etc. All you can do is use TLS/SSL and hope that the email servers communicate with each other encrypted without NSA backdoors (i.e. they have a copy of the TLS/SSL private key).

Comment Re:Wait a Trump minute... (Score -1, Flamebait) 43

You mean GNU/Linux, so off-topic. Changes in Linux the kernel are not needed to bring Linux to the Desktop. What is needed is a way to distribute software that works for small programming teams -- without tuning packages for every distribution or complicated installation instructions for users. See Torvalds rant that getting his diving software out is easier on Windows&Mac than it is on Linux.

Comment Re:Germany has way more problems than Facebook (Score 1) 321

Actually the government is quite popular and Merkel is going for a 4th term. It's because they managed the refugees. Mandatory German lessons, set then up with some prospects, made sure they were distributed reasonably.

People are happy that Germany did it's bit too help when others, including the counties directly responsible for the crisis, did almost nothing.

Don't confuse slashdotters with facts.
Doesn't matter that crime statistics show that refugees are not more likely to commit crimes than citizens. Doesn't matter that immigrants have been shown to bring a net profit to social services because they pay more than they take. Doesn't matter that they take labour that citizens do not want to take and have been shown to be a net benefit to the market. Doesn't matter that these are the educated liberals of Syria that are extremely helpful in identifying ISIS collaborators because who attacked them and killed their friends and relatives. No, like every refugee situation before (Hungarians, Cubans), lets be envious instead for every euro they receive and every job they can hold.

Comment Re:Nature varies (Score 1) 244

We have some observational constraints on the speed of light.
11 billion years ago (when the universe was 2 billion years old), the speed of light was about the same as it is now.
Otherwise, the light crossing certain objects would be different. This result is essentially independent of cosmology.

I guess that the cosmic microwave background also places limits. If the speed of light had been infinite at that time, I suspect the last scattering would be affected. This is ~300.000 years after the big bang.

But at the time of inflation ... sure, could be infinite, I guess.

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