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Comment Re:Panel on top is a feature? (Score 1) 47

Features like "new icons", "new Applications Menu", "panel on top" etc requires hiring a programmer, there's something wrong with your desktop environment. These are all trivial configuration options which any user should be able to make for themselves.

Does the fact that my configuration files differ from the default ones mean that I created a new desktop environment?

You also need to repackage that package, which is not trivial.

Comment Re:(Gecko = "Web platform") = WTF (Score 1) 97

There's your problem right there. How about concentrating on giving us a good *browser* instead, like you used to?

That's exactly what they are doing, they are stopping other projects (Thunderbird, Firefox OS) to concentrate on severe refactorings of their core product, Firefox and the underlying Gecko, to catch up again with Chrome, and deliver a better browser. It is harder to restructure a codebase if you need to maintain several products that depend on it.

Comment Re:Light years (Score 1) 218

Astronomers use parsecs because they have a clear definition based on a physical, measurable distance. When you say light year you have to specify what a year is (there are several kinds, some change over time). In many cases it does not matter and light years are sufficiently accurate given the distance uncertainty and they are more intuitive.

Comment Re:FSF/GNU are happy with corporate directed (Score 1) 316

er, Linux is just the kernel.

No, Linux is an overloaded name that can refer to the kernel or the operating system as a whole. And it is used in both ways by many Linux advocates and enthusiasts. Context usually makes it quite clear which is being used.

In this discussion's context,

You can't weasel your way out of this one. The summary is about Linux, then the discussion was about Linus and his Linux. Stop trying to make this about GNU.

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