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Submission + - Apple bans RSS reader due to bad word in feed link (4brad.com)

btempleton writes: "It all started when I prepared yet another "Downfall" subtitle parody. In this one, Hitler is the studio head, upset at all the downfall parodies and he wants to do DMCA takedowns on them all. (If you're a DMCA/DRM fighting /.er, you'll like it.) The EFF, which I chair, reblogged it on Deeplinks, and hilarity ensued. That weekend, Exact Magic, an iPhone developer, had submitted a special RSS reader app to display EFF news on the iPhone. Apple's iPhone app store evaluators looked at the RSS reader, read the feed it pointed to, and then played the linked-to video.

They saw the F-word flash in the subtitles of the video, and then rejected the RSS reading tool from the App Store. We're up to several levels of meta here, as Apple has banned an app over a parody about banning, and is now parodying itself. Bonus: TFA also has the story of just how hard it is to be fully legal in obtaining the famous clip for parody."

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