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Comment uh? (Score 1) 301

In which companies is the same person doing both jobs?

Very small ones I suppose, so even there the big boss would know what is more important in the overall picture.

Comment Re:This is just baffling! (Score 1) 549

It has to be political

It is most definitely political and he's been making noise around the world about this for a few months.
It's not just google that he is complaining about, it's the BBC as well. He's attempting to make the internet look like a den of pirates and thieves and then prompt governments to nobble it so that he can make money.

Comment Re:That'll learn 'em. (Score 1) 681

What do you mean fucked? There's plenty of wireless carriers that sell intenet access. If you are in a Metro area, sprint's speed can be quite competitive, and price-wise it's not bad to bump up to that level if you are already paying for a data plan on your phone. Plus there's always satellite internet.

The writing is on the wall for wired connections. DTV signals often are more clear than cable (due to cable's compression) and people are already canceling their land lines because they prefer to keep a cell phone.

Comment The Anglosphere is unique... (Score 1) 401

George Orwell wondered why it was that only English-speaking intellectuals hated, rather than loved and were proud of, their home civilization. If he had taken the time to look at other distinctive traits of English-speaking cultures, he would have figured out why: no other civilization has a despised subculture for smart people. Anime is mainstream in Japan; enormous, borderline-crackpot philosophical theories are mainstream in Germany; Fernand Braudel, who wrote The Mediterranean and the Mediterranean World in the Age of Philip II (including footnotes) from memory while he was imprisoned by the Nazis, would be among much more similar minds at Google than at Citigroup.

Note also that if Hodgman really thinks that jockdom wins wars, he hasn't heard of the Battle of Leuctra, to say nothing of the Vietnam War.

Comment Opt-out? (Score 1) 583

It would be great to be able to opt-out of the crapware. I understand, the trial-ware and that kind of third party stuff generates income for the PC company, but I can imagine they lose some PC sales entirely, by bogging the PC down so much right from the start. Even the proprietary software that is well-meant and supposed to be helpful tips the scales to the side of inconvenience, when you take into account the long startup time and resources taken because of it. I realise this post is aimed at those who are bothered by the crapware and know the PC could do much better without, but are unwilling/unable to quickly and easily change that themselves.

Comment Re:Analog Blog (Score 1) 117

Not just newspapers, but the idea of posting news stories on a public bulletin board dates all the way back to New York City in the 1890s..... or even earlier. People would stand outside Wall Street or store windows, and read the headlines scrawled across chalkboards. It ain't something new.

I'll go with even earlier.

I'm pretty sure that everywhere there was a post near a town square, there has been an analog blog. Hell, isn't that where we get the term 'Post' from?

Even without that, there was always the town crier.

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