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No Backdoor in Vista 269

mytrip wrote to mention a C|Net article stating that Vista will not have a security backdoor after all. From the article: "'The suggestion is that we are working with governments to create a back door so that they can always access BitLocker-encrypted data,' Niels Ferguson, a developer and cryptographer at Microsoft, wrote Thursday on a corporate blog. 'Over my dead body,' he wrote in his post titled Back-door nonsense."

Next consumer Windows to be 98 derivative 119

ZDNET is confirming that an NT-based consumer Windows is still 3 years down the road. Given that Windows 98 was widely expected to be the last release not based on NT, this is somewhat of a surprise, and raises the question: is Microsoft retargetting Win 2000 purely at the enterprise market in an effort to maintain market share? Thanks to znu for the link.

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