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Comment Re:Nothing good will probably come of this (Score 1) 205

Let's give this project a chance, please. I use Blender for alot of my work and have found that even though it is a difficult piece of software to become comfortable with, it is able to produce some very nice results. There are some minor little forks of Blender, but they are tailored to certain directions and/or platforms. I really don't see how Blender, GIMP, Inkscape, OpenOffice or all the other open source projects I dearly love and use regularly are stagnant or have "a million forks". I really don't feel I am voicing some vague opinion. Just consider giving open source a chance. I like it better than the closed source software I had to rely on until this new movement gained some strength and popularity. P.S. Come back in 2 years and lets see how things worked out. In the meantime, go back 2 years and see what people said about the open source software I previously mentioned.

Comment install linux on bad windows/dos drive (Score 1) 686

My old boss's son had a computer that would not format the drive. Once the DOS reformat command (which I have happily forgotten) was typed, it would say "Reformatting 1%" then go to 0% and hang indefinitely. I inserted a Mandrake CD, and it installed fine. Worked for at least another year, actually booting into DOS for the CNC program to run the router we had. I always use this story to show how Linux is not only EASIER, but POSSIBLE to install on equipment Windoze gags on...

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