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Submission + - UFC and Aspera Team Up For Sports Content Delivery (

broadbandconvergent writes: "Aspera, Inc., creators of next-generation software technologies that move the world’s large data at maximum speed, today announced that the Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®), the world’s leading promoter of mixed martial arts (MMA), has deployed Aspera’s high-speed transfer software to power its file-based content delivery workflows – for its internal teams during production of live events, for global distribution partners and for fans accessing content on the web or via their mobile devices from around the world."

Submission + - LTE and Small Cells Key Topics at Mobile World Congress 2013: Post-Show Wrap-Up (

broadbandconvergent writes: "Now that Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona has come to a close, our main takeaway, particularly with regard to mobile infrastructure, is that the industry continues to move forward in its thoughts and plans to address increased bandwidth needs and drive revenue from the networks with value added services. The most widely discussed topics at the show centered on small cells, LTE and cloud."

Submission + - AVAYA Links New Tools to Managing the Customer Experience (

broadbandconvergent writes: "Avaya today unveiled new, next generation analytics and customer interaction solutions that help harness the power of big data and the growing number of ways that customers want access to companies. New Avaya Customer Experience Management solutions bring powerful new tools for mining and analyzing data, applications for expanding and synchronizing multichannel customer interactions and deployment options for virtualized environments. The new solutions help companies improve and streamline the customer experience through any access point at any moment in the customer life-cycle while increasing efficiency and adaptability in business operations."

Submission + - Comcast's Final NBCU Stake: Vertical Integration Complete (

broadbandconvergent writes: "Comcast’s acquired the final stake in NBCU creating a vertical integration of both content and delivery of news and entertainment to U.S. consumers. Divestiture as a remedy should be viewed as a real possibility for Comcast now as its market power moves to dominate competitors. Although Wall Street analysts gave this deal a “thumbs up”, they continue to deny the overlying impact of how market dynamics will change as a result."

Submission + - How Politics Hinder Fast Broadband in America (

broadbandconvergent writes: "How politics hinder the build-out of fast broadband in America are intrinsically connected which force lawmakers to consider between faster broadband and giving up their livelihoods to go back home come next election. Observing the holistic nature of how our politics work blatantly denotes the coziness of lawmakers and special interest, combining to favor re-election over the greater public need. As incumbent politics dictate, who wins and losses in America becomes entangled in Gigabit broadband vs. a losing political strategy."

Submission + - The Cable Industry's Machiavellian Hold on Consumers (

broadbandconvergent writes: "The Cable Industry has what could be characterized as a Machiavellian hold on consumers with its massive distribution system using opportunistic methods on outdated hardware. Yes, the technology being used, the notorious set-top-box (STB) can only be described as throw-back to what cable executives wish were the way things used to be. The STB is rudimentary at best, allowing limited functionality and connectedness with today’s emerging technological innovations."

Submission + - Mobile: Bring Your Own Device to Work (

broadbandconvergent writes: "BOYD, or (bring your own device to work) seems to be a critical tool for employees to get the most out of work productivity. The findings were released from a recent survey conducted by Samsung Mobile released at the CES 2013 Show in Las Vegas. The study revealed a significant disconnect between company IT departments and employees on opening up company data on those devices at the workplace and/or remote locations. The issue is security and Samsung Mobile is working to provide a solution for safe data sharing on non-company devices."

Submission + - Vitesse Offers Top 5 Predictions for 2013

broadbandconvergent writes: "Vitesse Semiconductor highlights their top five predictions for the network and communications industry for 2013. Vitesse’s Chief Technology Officer Martin Nuss and Director of Product Marketing Uday Mudoi shared their thoughts on what will be big in the coming year:"

Submission + - Safeguards to Prevent Massacre as a Tool for the Disturbed (

broadbandconvergent writes: "If we continue down our current path of having to deal with crises that are unimaginable, as with the recent Connecticut shootings, then we should at least implore some logic in initiating safeguards to prevent future episodes. That is easy to say, but inevitably our emotional awareness and guilt of not protecting our children will haunt us in a never ending cycle of future horror."
Wireless Networking

Submission + - FreedomPop Home Internet Arrives in 2013: Apocalypse for Existing Broadband Prov (

broadbandconvergent writes: "Skype was a tremendously disruptive product, leveraging peer-to-peer technology to carry voice, it continues to be an incredibly powerful force in disruption of voice applications. Skype has changed the way people see voice apps in how it integrates persistent chat and messaging with video and other services. Skype had 663 million registered users as of EOY 2010, it’s likely even bigger than that now.
Think about it 663 million registered users in 2010–if you factor in some growth over the past few years, that makes Skype as big as the largest carrier in the world"


Submission + - Cisco Helps Cable Service Providers Get Closer to CCAP With New CMTS Modules (

broadbandconvergent writes: "As part of its ongoing Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP) migration plan, Cisco announced today the availability of a new high-density line card and a new high-performance processing engine for its flagship Cisco® uBR10012 Universal Broadband Router (uBR10K) and Cisco Cable Modem Termination System, the cable industry’s leading CMTS platform. Spearheaded by CableLabs®, CCAP is the new cable access architecture in the works that combines the functions of two key technologies: the cable modem termination system (powers DOCSIS® and other high-speed broadband services) and edge QAM (powers video services). Combining the two functions helps service providers reduce rack space, save power, and accelerate the transition to an all-IP network that can simplify the delivery of video content to multiple screens."

Submission + - The Need for Timing Synchronization Technology for 4G/LTE Networks (

broadbandconvergent writes: "Mobile network operators are coping with coverage and capacity issues to meet the ever-increasing amount of mobile data and video traffic from smart phones and tablets. However, conserving capex and opex are top of mind for operators, even before they consider additional revenue opportunities from 4G customers. Currently, the industry is in the midst of upgrading all the traditional macro cells to a new generation of lower cost and more efficient macro base stations with software-defined radios that can serve legacy 2G/3G, as well as new 4G/LTE customers, and at the same time lower operational costs."

Submission + - Top Broadband Initiatives for President Obama (

broadbandconvergent writes: "Now that President Obama has been re-elected, it’s time to get down to business. We know that middle-class jobs are important for the economy to continue growing over the next four years. The broadband market becomes a launch-pad in opportunities to create needed jobs, if the right policies are set into motion. Let’s look at the technology landscape and determine how to achieve a robust and competitive marketplace which advances stated goal of bringing back higher tax revenues, which job creation, can accomplish. Revitalizing the market with true competition should be the base of any tech policy initiative. If it does not meet that basic requirement, no need to bother."
Wireless Networking

Submission + - Should Wireless Carriers be required to Back-up Cell Towers? ( 1

broadbandconvergent writes: "Lets’ be realistic when we ask if government should act as “big brother” and require Wireless Industry carriers to back-up cell towers in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. This issue came to light before Sandy began its rampage on the East Coast this past week. As reported by the Huffington Post, legislation was introduced prior to the mega storm that ravaged the New York, and New Jersey coastal landscape. Such government mandates would have required cell phone carriers to back-up their cell towers with power generators. The legislation went nowhere fast, struck down by heavy wireless industry lobbying."

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