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Submission + - Amazon Instant Video now available on Android (arstechnica.com)

briancox2 writes: Amazon has avoided releasing the Amazon Instant Video app that is on Fire and Kindle to the general Android market, even though the app has been available for some time on iOS. Now, after a workaround had allowed some users to install the app on Android by fiddling with permissions, Amazon has released the app to many devices calling it "Amazon Instant Video for Google TV". It's not clear yet which devices can run this app. Currently it is not available for older Samsung Galaxy lines, however the Nexus, a major competitor of Amazon's devices, can run the new app.

Submission + - Comcast apologizes to man harassed for cancelling service (wtop.com)

briancox2 writes: Deciding to cancel a cable service subscription can be difficult — breaking the news to the cable company can be near-impossible.

Tech journalist Ryan Block and his wife Veronica Belmont tried to cancel their Comcast service last week over the phone.

Block says 10 minutes into his frustrating conversation with the Comcast customer service representative, he started recording the phone call, which he posted on SoundCloud.

Submission + - Google Maps can now make you connect to Wi-Fi networks (google.com)

briancox2 writes: A change in permissions requires you to approved Google Maps to have the right to disconnect you from and connect you to the Wi-Fi networks of Google's choice. Given that there is no settings change which can disable this "feature" and no description of why this would be needed in the description of what's new with this update, it's unclear how this will benefit users and when it will be used.

Submission + - Samsung claims progress on 5G. (independent.co.uk)

briancox2 writes: Technology for the next generation of mobile internet connectivity being developed by Samsung promises download speeds that will WOW you. Samsung has claimed that the new technology can download HD movies in seconds. Representatives believe this technology will be available within 7 years. Internet use will mean something completely different in 2020 with data transfer speeds that can provide you with any software package, OS distro or complete TV series while you tie your shoes.

Submission + - Firefox: The new 3D CAD software? (tildehash.com)

briancox2 writes: Of course, being a question, the answer to the title of this story is "no". But a developer has been playing with the Inspector Tool, which allows you to graphically see the DOM structure in 3D, to design 3D objects. While this is only a proof of concept, it does indicate some very fun possibilities. Now the question is, when will someone create that Firefox Add-on that allows us to design the objects in 3D as well?

Submission + - Google forbids users to loan or resell Google Glass. (wired.com)

briancox2 writes: Move over DMCA. If you thought purchasing something shouldn't come with restrictions on what you can do with it, Google has taken it another step. Google is requiring people who purchase the first Google Glass. There's no word yet whether they are requiring you to keep them in your possession at all times, though it's unclear how else you can avoid breaking the terms of service if you have friends or family that like to borrow things you own.

Submission + - Intelligence lawmakers to amend cybersecurity bill behind closed doors (thehill.com)

briancox2 writes: Members of the media and the public will not be able to watch the House Intelligence Committee's markup next week of a controversial cybersecurity bill, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA).

Lawmakers will be allowed to discuss what happened in the meeting afterward, and the committee plans to release information about what amendments were offered and how lawmakers voted. But the public will not be allowed in the room, and the meeting will not be streamed online.

The Internet

Submission + - What's So Bad About SOPA (wordpress.com)

briancox2 writes: "... if a government were to make a decision that a current business model was the correct one, and begin passing laws that cement that business model in place forever, then that government does not have the best interest of the entire economy at heart. Instead a true Capitalist system encourages any and all business models to exist. And a government that wishes to promote the ideals of Capitalism does not lend itself to any industry as its personal strong-arm to prevent competitive threats. Instead, such a government would stick to its original purpose of promoting freedoms of its people."

Submission + - Android vs. Ubuntu – An open letter to Mark (wordpress.com)

briancox2 writes: "The news of Google’s acquisition of Motorola’s mobile business is a potential game changer for the mobile computing market. The reasons Google made this purchase were obvious; they needed an arsenal of patents to fight the illegitimate battles of the patent wars to protect Android. As I have described in my previous post, these wars are an unfair and obtrusive burden on the entire tech industry, preventing innovation and bogging down our legal system. It’s too bad Google had to do this. I must admit I feel bad for their position."

Submission + - Does Intellectual Property Need a Redesign? (wordpress.com)

briancox2 writes: ""The Patent Problem

Patent law in the United States has always been framed with the intent to promote innovation. Because there has generally been a large amount of capital required to produce such innovations as the railroad, the airplane and modern medicines...""

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