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Comment Re:Oh please... (Score 1) 98

What's the superior alternative?

Seems like something I would hope Consumer Reports would do, but all I seem to see on their web site is appeals for donations (on top of subscription fees). -_-

Yelp may suck but it's the best we have.

btw, speaking of compromised entities, the Better Business Bureau is funded by businesses not consumers. Conflict of interest much?

Comment Re:Welcome to the Trump future... (Score 1) 497

> I would also argue that a lot of people might choose alternatives like 'make me comfortable as long as possible' at those prices.

End of life issues are definitely adding to rising costs.

People seem to be moving away from the concept that death is inevitable, especially when making decisions on behalf of elderly loved ones who are unable to speak for themselves.



Comment Re: Eh (Score 1) 99

> The *worst* outcome is when the "laws" are secret or unknowable and enforced arbitrarily.

We are heading in that direction (if not there already).

There are a bajillion laws and "ignorance of the law is no excuse", also there are various regulatory agencies that make regulations which have the force of law.

There are so many laws that you are probably violating something that you don't know about, and some things you know about but figure no one will care about.

"Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime."




Comment Re:sigh... (Score 1) 306

There are always scabs aka strikebreakers, and thankfully they will be really easy to find with the Uber app with no actual change in behavior from the customer.

The price may go up due to low supply and same as normal demand, but I'd be surprised if service is unavailable.

Also, it's "Day of Disruption" so if you can make it through one day without a cab, you will be fine.

Comment Re:But they definitely feel better about themselve (Score 1) 403

I'm not sure.
It's some guy's blog.
Who is he to question Bartleby?

All sarcasm aside, I think this is an example where a motivated individual can spend more resources researching a niche topic than a larger organization will choose to allocate. One would expect a quotation dictionary to be more accurate, but they have thousands of quotes to deal with while this Yale Doctoral graduate with his avocation has the luxury of picking and choosing which quotes to research and to what lengths he will go until he is satisfied.

Comment Re:But they definitely feel better about themselve (Score 2) 403

Careful! You (and bartleby.com and GP) might be spreading a misattributed quote.


see also:
* You can't believe everything you read on the internet. - Abraham Lincoln
* Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. - Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Comment Re:I blame game developers too (Score 1) 54

On the Google Play Store I see "Unlock" apps sold all the time that work in conjunction with the free version to upgrade it to the full version.


sleep as android

series guide x

Most of the crap games out there don't even have the possibility of a full version purchase.

e.g. official bust-a-move (aka puzzle bobble) on android https://www.amazon.com/TAITO-C...

Comment Re:Those links will still break (Score 3, Interesting) 21

yes, even if a domain squatter gets the domain.

Additionally, their interpretation of robots.txt is questionable.

It was meant to prevent automated crawlers, not human-requested fetches, yet often the web archive will disallow me from archiving a page because of robots.txt.

This is one reason I often will archive to both http://web.archive.org AND archive.is.

Archive.is explains its robots.txt policy in its FAQ.


> Why does archive.is not obey robots.txt?

> Because it is not a free-walking crawler, it saves only one page acting as a direct agent of the human user. Such services don't obey robots.txt (e.g. Google Feedfetcher, screenshot- or pdf-making services, isup.me, )

People have asked about this on the archive.org forum but I haven't read them all to see if there are any good answers.

Comment Re:Crowdfunding campaign to save 4chan (Score 1) 254

> I didn't click on the link.

append a + to the end of goo.gl or bit.ly links to preview them.

prepend tinyurl.com with the preview subdomain to preview it.

there are also a plethora of url expander sites that you can put a url into and see the full url.

my favorite was longurl.org but it's defunct. ExpandURL is another.

Comment Re:Sign of things to come (Score 1) 254

People are willing to pay if the prices is right and the convenience is there.

Are they ok whipping their credit card out for a monthly/annual subscription on every site they visit? No way, but that doesn't mean they are unwilling to pay anything.

Micropayments have been proposed for years as an alternative to advertising but it hasn't been practical to enter payment data for every web site, or to make payments less than a dollar when there are credit card fees (and minimums?).

Readability, Pocket/ReaditLater (and Instapaper?) all talked about passing a portion of their own revenues on to the content creators.


The Brave web browser is giving it a shot with Bitcoin, but we'll see how that goes.


The advertising network model is broken and has a steady stream of malvertising on reputable web sites, as well as making the web worse by crowding out content more and more in favor of advertisements.

I'm hoping something better wins, and when it does, I will be ready with my credit card.

Comment Re:Simple fix, just requires money (Score 1) 185

I don't really know how much money it takes to run a police department, but it's one of the primary things I expect my taxes to take care of.

Cut spending to fund it you have to.

Instead, any time there are budget cuts the first things to get the axe are police, firemen, and public parks. -_-

Comment Re:Why no link to the catalog? How to access this? (Score 5, Informative) 60

did some quick googling (but haven't really investigated the links in depth yet)

amazon official press release (non-multimedia version): Introducing the Newest Prime Benefit – Audible Channels for Prime

amazon official press release: multimedia version



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