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Journal Journal: choices...

So I have to apply for ED&T (excused drill and training) with the military today. Pretty much my common law wifes pregnancy and my school are getting too much for me to handle (along with my military commitments)so I have to drop my military for a year. I don't really want to but I don't really have a choice. Family comes first.

Now I get a call from my Major telling me that he will endorse my ED&T until my school training is out (electrical entry program, allows me to work as an apprentice) and tells me that I have to take training next year or essentially get out or never get trained. His reasoning is that apprentices never get time off so I wouldn't get any training for 5 years and I would stay a 2lt that isn't allowed to do squat. Problem with taking training next year? I'm going to have a 1 yr old kid and my wife has told me that I am not allowed to go training next summer (I missed this summer also but it was my choice to be with her, not her decision). So my choice may well be stay with wife this summer and quit the military (which I do like doing) or possibly damage my relationship with my wife permanently...

My current line of thinking is that after the pregnancy I'll try to convice my wife to let me go training for the 2 months needed on the grounds that it's now or never and see what she says. If she says no I guess I quit. I really hope she doesn't say no.

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Journal Journal: oh good grief

Found out today that the Artillery course I'm going on this summer will be different than the one I was injured on last summer. Last summer it was fairly relaxed, as military courses go, i.e. no inspections in the morning and easy PT. Well this year they are upping the physical training aspect and are now doing inspections for this course. They have also cancelled any leave that the members of the course get. This course is the artillery officer course. The most important course I can possibly take, they have decided to add what we call C.O.C.K. It's not an acronym. Needless to say I'm right pissed off.

Reasons why I'm pissed off: 1. I will have less time to study 2. Stress level will be through the roof detracting from any reasonable study environment 3. I've already done a total of 5 months of this C.O.C.K. I think I have PROVED that I can make my $%^&ing bed!

The reasons I believe they are doing this: 1. Instill discipline and 2. Instill the ability to work as a team.

As I've said I've already done 5 months of this crap, most people only do 3, but still respectable. I have learned team work, I have learned discipline, why the bloody hell do I have to learn more?!? I'm will not learn anything new! I'm already freaking stressed out about the course and it's not for another month! Oh and my wife is due in October.

*must not punch out course officer* will be my new mantra.

Man I hope that the info I got on this was wrong and my buddy was pulling my leg. I'll find out next parade night.

Just had to rant. Thanks.
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Journal Journal: After ex report

And lo, I have survived another exercise and actually came away with minior injuries.

Ok here's what happened, and it was a lot so forgive me if I forget stuff.

Day 1: It started Friday the 18th at 0800hrs as I was stuffed into a ford explorer with kit bags ontop of me. We drove to the ferries and then to Kamploops. 8 hours later we arrived and I had no feeling in any part of my body. Junior rank in the truck. There was a LCol (my CO) a Major and a Captain. I'm a second leutenant so I was bitch for the ride. We get to the FSG (Forward staging group) and inclear. We then move to Tranquille (a ghost town) and set up our kit to crash out. Nothing too cool happens here.

Day 2. I wake up and open the tent, there is 4 inches of snow that wasn't there last night. Fun starts now. I was supposed to have a full platoon under my comand since I am running the Defense and security platoon for the task force headquarters. I get 4 troops and 1 Master Corporal (my 2IC). We eventually get 11 more troops by sundown and we get our schedual worked out. We start manning stuff. Stops snowing after dinner. Feet covered in blisters (still got em after ex) Starts raining.

Day 3-4. Train troops, nothing too cool. The MCpl had to yell at them to get them motivated... The troops just finished basic trainng so they have almost no initiative. Except for a few of them (they know who they are).

Day 5. I lose my troops to the kitchens and I get 16 more. I keep my 2IC. The troops however get to play with MILES gear which is really cool. Look it up. 2IC and I realize we aren't going to get sleep and have resigned ourselves to training sentries.

Day 6. My first set of troops come back, yay, via helicopter. Griffon heli's that are supplied by the canadian army (we didn't use americans surprise surprise). They had fun. I found out that when they were at the kitchens they were used as general duty and worked 2 hours out of 14. I used them 18hrs out of 24. They were unhappy about coming back. heh. I was happy to get em back. Later that night a flag was stolen. It was put on top of the highest object in the camp and my troops spoted them but didn't catch them. I assign 2 guards to watch it, buildings are condemed and I have the authority to charge anyone going on them, in them or vandalizing them. Later on during the night I get a call on the radio that there is someone else on the tower. I investigate and realize it's my guys. I arrest 2 of em and they get detained. I am very very unhappy.

day 7. Nothing much, no sleep and working guys hard. 2 detainies are back to work waiting commanders decision. I get a heli ride reccing infantry positions. OMFG that was cool. Also get a chance to go base for a "special dinner" which was me recieving the Commanders Coin. Out of 850 troops only 20 people won one and out of the 20 only 3 were officers. It's cool, but just doing what I was told to do. Oh it stops raining.

Day 8. end of ex. Guys get charged, sentence was minor (100.00 each) and possibly getting charged later on when the files are reviewed by brigade. Leave guys behind due to me going to my other exercise which was purely artillery.

Day 9. New ex, I'm assigned to the recci party as a helper/learner. I haven't finished my MOC training yet so I need the practice. Late at night we get "bumped" or ambushed. I'm in the back of a LS (crappy truck) with 4 others and I hear "get out of the truck" being screamed. Thinking the truck was gonna blow or something we all hop out. We are then thrown on the ground with guns in our backs. After a bit of a scuffle they shoot my Sgt and start to frisk me. Long story short, I take down one of the gunmen(er gunfemale) and kill her before getting shot. fun. Oh and it starts to rain... In Yakima Washington. It's a freaking desert!

Day 9. Slow day, nothing happens, recci isn't used I catch up on sleep.

Day 10. Today, got home. YAY. Red Warrior I respect you and wonder how anyone can live in teh field for more than a month (max time I lived in the field ever was for 2 weeks) like where do you get clean socks from?!? One interesting note, Americans waved and honked at us when they saw us at a park eating lunch. I was on the ferry coming home and I had a Canadian civie ask what army I belong to. Uh the Canadian army!?! *sigh* Americans respect their military and support it, Candians generally do not. Oh and it stopped raining when we left.
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Journal Journal: Been awhile

It's been awhile since I last wrote... Nothing too new in my life. I'm planning on getting married on the 21st of May in Las Vegas (depending on what the travel agent says this week). I found out last week that I may be laid off due to lack of work (currently a dataprocessor for a GIS company). Girl friend is going through the emotional swings that the hormones of pregnancy can bring... Thats fun. And I'm going on a 11 day exercise starting this Friday. I'm going to be the Security officer for a training area just north of Kamloops. Should be a good go, we get to use MILS gear and a type of painful paintball. Some American choppers might be flying some troops around so that'll be nice (we get to see what a "funded" military can do...)

Oh and started World Of Warcraft... my plans for world domination will have to go on hold until I get my troll to lvl 20... yes... excellent.

Till next time.
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Journal Journal: yippy 4

Well some good news for me, I am going to be a dad in about 8 months. :)

I'm so happy! I just had to tell the world (slashdotters).

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Journal Journal: suicides... 2

Just read mad posters post about a woman trying to sue wal mart for selling a shotgun her daughter who killed herself with it.

Now I don't see anything wrong with people killing themselves. I've had friends try to argue with me about it, usually by repeating the same argument "it's wrong". Well this is how my logic works:

A person should not be forced to live when they don't want to live. Period. If a person wants to kill themselves let them, even help them if they need it. If they fail, sure try to help them "want" to live but hey, they're probably gonna try again. Perhaps give them some pointers. Whats the point of wasting resources on someone who doesn't want you to? In our over populated world, can we really spare the extra resources to keep buddy alive? I don't even think I'm being cold or unemotional about this.

Killing ones self is a thing of courage that I admire. I can't do it, hell the majority of people can't do it. Samurai and other people of honour in all civilizations were able to take their lives and they were respected for their courage and responsibility. It was a way to make amends, to make the ultimate sacrifice and to even show noblity. It's even a way to escape from the unberable be it honour or emotional trauma. Others will live in absolute fear of death and cannot take that last step in order to stop the pain.

Now the arguments I've had against this were that it hurts those left behind, that the soul goes to hell, and life is valuable and should not be wasted. Well yes it does hurt those left behind, however how can those left behind want buddy to live when buddy so desperatly does not want to live? Force buddy to suffer in order to keep ones emotions at a happy level? I'd rather be sad for a year or two than have a loved one suffering (physical ailment, mental, emotional, it's all suffering that one shouldn't be forced to suffer) . The religious reason I reject out of hand, I do not belive in any religion (agnostic, but really leaning towards atheist). Life is a valuable thing and should not be wasted. Well a person decides how much their life is worth. Some feel that their honour is worth more than their life so... They decide when their life isn't worth living.

I do acknowledge that when a person kills themself that they are being selfish and are hurting those around them. There is no way to stop that from hurting, but remember everyone is responsible for their actions alone. You are not responsible for someone elses actions.

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Journal Journal: history of mess dinners

Ok so I have a presentation to give tomorrow on the history of dining in and mess dinners. Should be simple right? Well I have 5 minutes to give this lecture and no reference material (except the internet). Small time limit means that I can't give a detailed presentation and the broad topic means that I am pretty much scraping up a timeline and presenting it. I'll ask my audience alot of questions... heh. I have to give this tiny presentation right before the mess dinner, which is to celebrate St Barbra's day. It sucks having to celebrate a christian saint that had her saintly status revoked in 1969 (I'm an atheist who hates having religion stuffed down my throat). I guess I can say I'm supporting a tradition of the artillery. Maybe my appendix will burst tonight or something. heh.

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Journal Journal: last week, JOC

Junior Officers Course. IE A week long class of the Canadian military (specifically army, more specifically artillery) actions since before we were a country. It was a good class, I got to listen to WWII, Korea, Oka, Gulf War, Afganistan, and Bosnia vets. I heard a lot of generals and colonels talk about why we are important (the army) and the gist of what I took out of the talks was that the Canadian army is a proud instiution that tries its best to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

If any of these generals were used car salesmen I know I'd be driving away with a freaking pinto. lol. Aside from all the hype and sales pitches about how great the artillery is and how we're very underbudget the course was good. I got to meet alot of people, made myself known to several higher ups and met some very admireable vetrans.

I also learned alot about leadership, things that a leader has to watch out for, and some basic things about how to care for the troops. Pretty much stuff I already have been told but it's good to hear vets tell you instead of a senior officer who has only led during training.

oh and I got really drunk at the mess dinner and acted like an idiot (just like everyone else). Apparently my fellow junior officers were going to callt he MP's on me for being a loud ass in the shacks. I left before they called them and went back to the mess to get even "drunker" heh. I was hurting on the flight home.

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Journal Journal: durka durka jihad

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Finially a movie that wasn't afraid to make fun of all the stereotypes out there. I'm oh so sick of political correctness. Up here in Canada we have to let anyone who is female, disabled, from a native background, from an ethinic minority have jobs before anyone white and male. Yes if I'm more qualified than (I'm white and male) a member of any group mentioned above I *should* get the job (as long as the company hiring wasn't afraid of fighting law suits)... But I have seen job postings that said they were looking exclusively for native workers, or female workers. These were computer jobs that being white and male should not have had an impact on but that was the requirements. What would happen if a job was posted for a white male only? Think racism/sexism would be called? I think so.

If companies hire according to equal opportunity why do they have a box asking if your female and a minority? Why not just have the same questions for everyone and hire the best person!?!? By asking people to identify themselves as a minority they're perpetuating the racist cycle. If a white male is passed up for a job due to his colour and his gender is that not racism/sexism?

I think it is but current society says otherwise it seems.

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Journal Journal: KMFDM SUCKS 2

Well I went to the KMFDM concert and man it was awsome! It was my first concert since I was 16 (it was Roxette *blush*). The starting band was pretty cool too, a techno rap type thing. Too bad I didn't catch their name. I have to admit, that concert was the best/most fun fight I have ever been in.

I was punched, kicked, elbowed, slammed, stomped, scratched and had my hair pulled. But I was doing that to others too. So I was able to fight my way to front stage, to the front line and I spent the next 1.5 hours getting crushed against the grate.

oh and the music was awsome too!

now back to the toilet so I can keep puking. joy
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Journal Journal: debt collectors and ways to... 3

Ok, so I'm getting my usual barrage of debt collector phone calls. I've been out of work for a month now and all of my bills are backed up pretty bad. I try to make payments when I can but hey, it's hard sometimes. I'm going to job clubs and hitting the job bank and local employers, I have a few things lined up (interview on wed) so its not like I'm sitting on my ass all day. Also should mention I'm working with the reserves part time hence how I'm able to make a payment once in a while.

SO here's my beef. Debt collector 2 calls me up, gives me a real hard time about me owing money. Normally I'm fine with that, thats what they're paid for and he asks the usual question Q: How are you able to live off of 400.00 a month? A: On the sufferance of my room mate (how she puts up with me I don't know). ETC... Then he asks some new questions, Q: Have you been looking for work A: Yeah, of course Q: What kind of work are you looking for? A: I'm not comfortable talking about this with you. Thats where we get into the argument.

For some reason he figures since I owe money I have to give all of my personal information and activities to him. I think not.

He also starts making some stupid comments, such as "When you borrow money your supposed to be able to pay it back" my response "ok, what job did I have 4 years ago when I borrowed the money? what job do I have now?" He stammered and said he didn't know what job I had then. Hmmmm it might have been a well paying full time job instead of the part time crap I'm doing right now. Oh and when I asked for his supervisor or team lead he gave me the usual "he's in a meeting right now" bullshit. Ugh, I hate dealing with dumbasses, sometimes I wish I was able to *PUPPY DOGS, FLUFFY FUZZY PUPPY DOGS* to dumbasses without getting arrested. Oh and my brother is a debt collector to. Bastards co-worker actually phoned me up once for his parking tickets (under my name).

Off to the gym to work out some aggression.

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Journal Journal: Anti-American(ism) 1

Just read an article about the Canadian anti-Americanism. I thought the article was well written and it mentioned some very valid points about why Canadians are disgruntled about our cousins to the south. Such reasons were our anti-war attitude, the softwood dispute, Bush's attitude towards Canada, etc... I then read a bunch of readers comments, which were directed at Canada. Mostly poking fun at our armed forces or flames about how ungrateful we are to our bigger brother. It sort of rubbed me raw, much like our ingratitude rubs the Americans raw. However let me rant:

Why does Canada need a large military? During the cold war we did have a large military, over 100k members ready to help take on the red army. Well the cold war is over, who is our threat now? Terrorism? Well if so why do we need main battle tanks, stealth fighters, nuclear subs and air craft carriers? A small elite military should be more than able to take out any terrorist threat. Or is it to take on the terrorist nations? Well Canada works in coalitions and will never (not with our current military philosophy) work alone, so we can still help out in taking down terrorist nations effectively with a small military. Why we do we need a huge military budget? Sure more money would allow us to do more, but do we need to? We already help the world with our peace keeping efforts, what more does the world want us to do? Be involved in every action? Not even the states are involved in every action. Personally I think our military can be beefed up a bit, more infantry so that our tired soldiers can get some time off between deployments, some newer equipment for the soldiers safety. I don't think we need to go back to cold war size/capability. We don't have to defend against invasion, which ties into my next rant.

My second rant is about how the American feelings are hurt because we are ungrateful for the protection they have given us. Well first why should I feel grateful about the protection when I don't see a need for it? It's like me feeling grateful to my brother for telling off(beating up) the poor skinny kid when I'm more than able to do it. I don't want protection from the world, and I'm sure most Canadians don't want it either. We can handle it on our own. I just don't perceive the threat that the Americans seem to (what is that threat I don't know!). I don't see the massive fleets and armed invaders just waiting for the American forces to disband. I don't like having American protection and American policy jammed down my throat. It's all about being a sovereign.

Hmmmm yup, pointless. It's a rant. Personally I don't mind Americans, I figure they're the same as us Canadians.
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Journal Journal: Look down

and you might not step in the dog shit.

Landlord comes up to me and says "Leon I stepped in dog crap" in his bad itallian accent. I can't help but think this is like the fifth time he's stepped in it... In the same place... I haven't stepped in dog shit in five years, one year longer than I've had a dog. I pay attention to the ground, why can't other people? Yeah yeah there shouldn't be dog shit in the driveway but hey, the dog still hasn't learned to use the toilet.

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Journal Journal: So... Tuesday night at the Reserves

So Tuesday I went out to the Reserves as I usually do. A major comes out of his office and says "Leon go find out if these 3 guys can work this weekend" so of course I say "yuppers mister sir!" and get my ass into gear and find out if they can work. As I am calling one of the guys my troop sergant major (warrent officer) walks in and goes what are you doing sir? I don't mean to rag on you but you get me to do it, you don't do it. I look at him and I can't help but think how everytime I asked him to do something he would bitch at me about having to do it. At the beggining of this summer I stopped asking him to do stuff (minor jobs like doing a call outs), it wasn't worth the arguments. Now he's cranking about me not delegating minor jobs to him. It was a 5 min job for me to do but if I did delegate it, it would get done in about an hour. Argh! Damned if you do damned if you don't.


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