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Submission + - Spray-on batteries turn ordinary household objects into objects with batteries (

boneglorious writes: As reported in Slate ( a team from Rice University report in the most recent issue of Nature ( that they have formulated the components of rechargable batteries into a liquid with which they then coated objects in such a way as to duplicate the layered dipole structure of a battery.

This technique was applied to a number of substrates, including glazed ceramic tile and an ordinary beer mug. The battery was then connected to a charging source. I take some issue with the Slate headline because the beer mug did not actually "become a power source" in that the battery itself was then connected to a solar cell for charging. However, my main concern is that the graduate students have not yet begun selling the obvious product, rechargable reheating coffee mugs, on thinkgeek where I can purchase one yet. Unfortunately for my daily displeasure at discovering my caffeine source has grown cold, this is currently a rather expensive process due to the safety risks of the caustic chemicals involved, and to the sensitivity of the constituents to oxygen and moisture.

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