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Comment Re: Outsourcing vs Inhouse (Score 1) 252

Things are changing in many agencies, the non performers are now getting the boot by abolishing the job and paying them a severance to leave. Still cheaper in the long run than hanging on to the dead wood. I know one last week got his notice on Wednesday his job was abolished and was gone by Friday and was $25K to the good.

Comment Re: I wonder what (Score 1) 100

Concur. I spent two years in enterprise services. Nothing more than a bunch of ex EDSers wishing Ross Perot would come rescue them. I had 110 employee on my staff, maybe 10 were worth keeping. The rest I couldn't fire because the lawyer in Plano are focused on one thing:. Staying out of court and the employees played that card to no end. 2 years is all I could take.

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