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Comment How to start out with BitCoin in US (Score 1) 270

My problem with bitcoin has been how to initially fund my wallet. I signed up with iBit under the promise that they "soon" would be accepting ACH transfer. That never happened, yet they keep saying "Soon". The only feasible way that I see to fund my wallet is with a wire transfer and I'll be damn if I am paying $30 to my bank to do a wire transfer. Any thoughts on this? Use another provider? How do best get funded with minimal hassle and fees?

Comment Can you spell Theranos? (Score 1) 86

Tesla will be mandatory reading for the MBAs in 5 years as a textbook example of corporate fraud and accounting chicanery. Yes I am long on way out of the money puts on this P.O.S and fully expect to nicely rewarded for it in the future. I am all for success and I hold no grudges against Elon, hell I envy his SpaceX. Without the energy credits and the pump-n-dump of the stock, this thing is a turd. It is a cult stock, you either love it as the next Apple or hate it as the next Theranos. Time will tell.

Comment It's about time (Score 1) 83

For a supposedly security focused company them taking this long to decide that Telnet and FTP should be disabled is symptomatic of a company that is well past their prime. I used to work for HPES. What a cluster that company is....stay away from HPES if you can. Meg is only there to serve Wall St not corporate IT.

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