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Comment Re:Major Colvin (Score 1) 983

Concur. The use of a bomb strapped to a robot just escalated this situation by an order of magnitude. Mark my words, within 3 months some one is going to retaliate with a bomb of their own used against the para-military. I used to call them Law Enforcement, but that mission caught tossed aside when they became an instrument of the executive branch and DHS. Today they are a bunch of Ranger/Rambo wannabees armed to the teeth by a Federal government that sees the citizen as the enemy. I am sad that as a citizen I don't trust my government nor the police any longer.

Comment Re:Retaliation? (Score 1) 393

Exactly, this is a risk management issue; the cop is taught to avoid the risk by pulling the trigger and dealing with the consequences later. They are taught to ensure when it comes down to "who comes home that night", that it will be them not the individual staring at the business end of the gun.

Comment Re: Better idea (Score 1) 103

I do wish I had my mod points. I am right with you. The NSA and FBI have run way too far amuck all due to (pick one): A. Terrorism B. Save the children C. Protect the interest of some mega corp D. Save the climate And then we have douche bags like McConnell who wipe their ass with the Constitution daily. We're fucked.

Comment Re:That doesn't sound like it could ever be abused (Score 1) 131

Just because it can be done doesn't mean it should be implemented. These idiots need to be taken out back of Google and beat silly. Why in the hell would you want your web pages talking to a USB stick?. OMG I can think of 4 abuse cases off the top of my head. If the W3C allows this we are screwed. I am to the point that I believe some people really should not own a computer.

Comment Nothing more than risk transfer (Score 1) 101

PCI-DSS is nothing more than a risk transfer mechanism to move any potential liability and risk from the payment card issuers/processors to the merchants. Funny in this entire thread on this topic very little is said about risk management. This is very similar to the FISMA debacle in the Federal government. You have the scorecard mentality and 100% focus on getting greens on your scorecard for those security controls that are scored. If it isn't a scored metric then scant attention is paid to the missing controls. But it makes OMB and the CIO/CISOs happy and feeling safe in their comfy jobs.

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