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Comment It's about time (Score 1) 67

For a supposedly security focused company them taking this long to decide that Telnet and FTP should be disabled is symptomatic of a company that is well past their prime. I used to work for HPES. What a cluster that company is....stay away from HPES if you can. Meg is only there to serve Wall St not corporate IT.

Comment Re:So common... (Score 1) 302

NO, the correct solution is to get out of email hell and have a meeting (webex, conf call, or God forbid; in person). My rule is any message thread that goes beyond 3 iterations needs to be abandoned and go off the fracking meeting to sort it out. Hiding behind the inbox is such a productivity killer.

Comment Re:I'd say (Score 1) 302

Reply all should be a configuration item on the client via GPO (wish list). My staff know damn well that reply alls won't sit well, especially the idiots that reply all to a list to say "Thank you" or some other trivial thought. I truly hate email, what a fricking productivity killer; and using it with Lotus Notes just make it 2x as bad.

Comment Re:OK, now DO SOMETHING about it. (Score 1) 693

Wrong! From their 2016 SEC 10-K report (Google to find it, link is too long) page 14: Polysilicon is melted and grown into crystalline ingots and sawed into wafers by business partners specializing in those processes. The wafers are processed into solar cells in our manufacturing facility located in the Philippines and by our jointventure, AUOSP, located in Malaysia. The solar cell manufacturing facility we own and operate in the Philippines has a total rated annual capacity of over 700 MW. AUOSP currently operates a solar cell manufacturing facility with a total rated annual capacity of over 800 MW. We also own a 215,000 square foot building in the Philippines that will serve as an additional solar cell manufacturing facility with a planned annual capacity of 350 MW once fully operational, which is expected to occur in fiscal 2015.
Using our solar cells, we manufacture our solar panels at our solar panel assembly facilities located in the Philippines, Mexico and France. Our solar panel manufacturing facilities have a combined total rated annual capacity of over 1.1 GW. Our solar panels are also assembled for us by third-party contract manufacturers in California and China.
Yep made in the USA, enjoy the coffee sport.

Comment It's the population growth stupid. (Score 1) 693

If the fucking Catholics would stop pro-creating the count would go down. Does every 3rd world family need to have 6-7 kids, when they can barely afford one. Don't even get me started on the welfare type that cannot afford one either, but you and I pay for them every paycheck.

Comment Re:OK, now DO SOMETHING about it. (Score 1) 693

And your panels were built in China, and all the toxic sludge from the manufacturer process was dumped onto the land or waterways. Yep, you should feel good about your 80F living room, sipping your Starbucks and basking in the self-righteousness that you have spent your hard earned money on. Pompous ass is what you are.

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