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Comment It's about time (Score 1) 83

For a supposedly security focused company them taking this long to decide that Telnet and FTP should be disabled is symptomatic of a company that is well past their prime. I used to work for HPES. What a cluster that company is....stay away from HPES if you can. Meg is only there to serve Wall St not corporate IT.

Comment Re:So common... (Score 1) 302

NO, the correct solution is to get out of email hell and have a meeting (webex, conf call, or God forbid; in person). My rule is any message thread that goes beyond 3 iterations needs to be abandoned and go off the fracking meeting to sort it out. Hiding behind the inbox is such a productivity killer.

Comment Re:I'd say (Score 1) 302

Reply all should be a configuration item on the client via GPO (wish list). My staff know damn well that reply alls won't sit well, especially the idiots that reply all to a list to say "Thank you" or some other trivial thought. I truly hate email, what a fricking productivity killer; and using it with Lotus Notes just make it 2x as bad.

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