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Submission + - View From Inside a Black Hole Calculated ( 1

KentuckyFC writes: "Physicists have calculated what the universe would look like from inside a black hole. Contrary to popular belief, an individual falling into a black hole would not be engulfed in darkness. Instead, the view in the horizontal plane would become highly blue-shifted, but all directions other than horizontal would appear highly redshifted. The exercise is important, they say, because it allows them to study how the laws of physics might break down in the extreme conditions inside a black hole. For example, the principle of locality would be severely tested inside a black hole. One of the foundations of relativity, this is the idea that a point in space can only be influenced by its immediate surroundings. But when space is infinitely stretched, as physicists think it is at the heart of a black hole, the concept of "immediate surroundings" doesn't make sense and the concept of locality begins to lose its meaning too. To illustrate these ideas, the team has produced a set of impressive videos showing what it would look like when were you unlucky enough to fall into a black hole."

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