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Submission + - The Android Gets its HyperCard

theodp writes: Steve Jobs & Co. put the kibosh on easier cellphone development, but Google is giving it a shot. The NY Times reports that Google is bringing Android software development to the masses, offering a software tool starting Monday that's intended to make it easy for people to write applications for its Android phones. The free software, called Google App Inventor for Android, has been under development for a year. User testing has been done mainly in schools with groups that included sixth graders, high school girls, nursing students and university undergraduates who are not CS majors. The thinking behind the initiative, Google said, is that as cellphones increasingly become the computers that people rely on most, users should be able to make applications themselves. It's something Apple should be taking very seriously, advises TechCrunch.

Comment Re:ST:Legacy sheeples! (Score 2, Informative) 398

Dear GOD YES. I was wondering when someone would mention Star Trek: Legacy...hey, lets not put in ANY in-game system for rebinding keys, reference the 360 controller in all the tool tips, oh and not bother binding these 4 keys that you NEED to complete the campaign, oh and it is a space game in 2-D space. (Sure you can fly "up" about 10 feet)

Comment Re:Get the Flash (Score 1) 750

Very true. People race what they have. How this could be implemented is with a timeout. The car also brake/throttle overlap for a set time, and then if it goes over that time, cut the throttle. That system wouldn't impact heel-toeing at all, and not trail braking either (I guess it depends on the specific corner).

But then you would have people saying that the delay in cutting throttle may cost lives. Somebody with an out-of-control car would have (say) 4 seconds less to get back in control.

Comment Re:Cool, they've "discovered" PostgreSQL. (Score 2, Informative) 231

ok, mr. anonymous, I work with all those wares, and the differences aren't *that* big, some percentage points in certain situations with certain hardware and certain transactions. and the very fastest way to run databases doesn't involve open source software, tpc.org will tell you all about that. it happens Oracle or DB2 on a big HP/UX or AIX is going to whoop open source ass with usual business needs on mid and large systems, but at huge cost and with vendor lock-in and limitations to customization and integration with other systems.

Comment Re:Unlocked FTW (Score 2, Informative) 233

Agreed. I've always just gone out, bought a new phone outright, and whacked my existing SIM card in it when I got home. None of this contract crap. But from what I can tell it is very hard/impossible to do that in the US? Which sucks ... I hate being tied to a particular carrier (and besides I have several SIM cards floating around that I tend to use in different situations).

Even worse, the US phones I've seen actually brand the phone hardware/firmware itself with the carriers logo and stuff. Wtf?! The phone should have NOTHING to do with the carrier. The analogy you made with brand X Wifi cards only working with brand X hotspots is a good one.

Comment Re:"Where do you live?" (Score 1) 920

I used to make my own pizza base but now I buy a ball of uncooked bread at the boulangerie. Fresh tomatoes in the blender then simmered down to the right consistency is my favorite sauce. Canned tomatoes are next in line.

I used to make my own pizza too - actually making the dough myself and starting with home grown tomatoes.

While the product turned out perfectly edible (even relatively enjoyable), after about a dozen attempts I just accepted that my homemade pizza tasted about like a decent frozen pizza and I gave up on doing it anymore. Just not my thing I guess.

Now some Thai Fried Rice on the other hand I can cook up pretty good :).

Comment Re:Compatability pack worse than OO.o (Score 1) 247

I'm sorry, Mr. Anon, but I wouldn't wish OO.o on my worst enemy, certainly not upon myself. Why in the name of all that is good did Sun tie OO.o to that bloaty slow ass Java desktop crap I'll never know. I would love to get my hands on a Pre Sun Star office just to see if it was fast before the 500 pound anchor that is desktop Java was tied to it.

So, does anybody know of an Office Suite besides MS Office that isn't dragged down with Java? Because so far all I've seen are just re-badges of OO.o, which means Java cruft. While Java on a server may be fine, desktop Java for Windows is....well eeeew! Plus you then have Java sticking the damned updater into your startup, no matter how many times you turn it off with every update it comes back, and if you aren't careful and uncheck the checkbox Java will toolbar you now.

So I'm sorry that while everyone here just loves to gush about OO.o I just can't share in the excitement as long as it has the crapola that is Java weighing it down. So does anybody know of a preferably free Office Suite that doesn't got the dead weight of Java dragging it down? And folks here love to complain about MSFT trying to bundle, how is Sun trying to dump a VM onto your machine ANY different than MSFT trying to drop Silverlight on your machine at every opportunity?

In both cases it is a big DO NOT WANT that the companies try to drop onto as many machines as possible to boost their installed base. But as long as OO.o is completely crippled unless you drag Java, which frankly has more than its fair share of exploits, I'll just have to pass. Thanks anyway.

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