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Comment Re:Of course (Score 1) 15

Indeed; it doesn't matter whether it's IBM or the CWA, either way their money trumps my vote.

How's that? At the end of the day it is the votes that are counted.

Sure, you may decide you agree with the message of IBM or CWA and vote accordingly, but at the end of the day it is your vote that makes the difference.

Comment Re:Settlement (Score 1) 229

But, if I profited just one penny on each copy, then I would be in violation.

So, say you had a shop, and one night I came in and stole your inventory. If I give away your inventory for free, I'm ok, no harm done. However, if I sold your inventory for even just a penny, then I should be guilty??

Comment Re:Hope and Change, baby! (Score 1) 528

I just don't know why you think the public can't unite to create lobbying organizations. The public has been uniting to do that very thing since 1944. If you really are interested in donating your $25 to a lobbying organization and don't know how to find one yet, I would suggest starting here:

Comment Walmart (Score 1) 6

Liberals complain that Walmart sloughs off its employees onto govt. health plans, but now everyone will be (encouraged to be) doing it.

I never really understood Liberal's problem with Walmart and the government health plan issue. You'd think that as far as liberals were concerned, Walmart was just forward thinking. If Liberals got their way, everyone would follow Walmart's lead. Go Obama!

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