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Comment Re:The way they play the "copyright" card (Score 1) 211

Aereo is an online streaming service - among its offering, it enables people who stay very far away from NYC (for example, Sydney Australia) to watch TV stations from NYC.

Actually, they don't legally allow you to do that. If they detect your IP is not in the geographic area where your account is registered they put up a warning that it is against the terms of service to use it outside of the service area. they then give you the option of saying you ARE actually in the service area but you're using some sort of service (like a corporate VPN or proxy) that mistakenly shows you as outside the region. They can terminate your service if they think you're lying though, or you do it too much. Further, you have to have a billing method that has an address in the service are when you sign up. I can't create an account for from Atlanta with an Atlanta billing address. That said...

The argument from the teevee stations is that by allowing the streaming of their broadcast content, Aereo is violating the "copyright".

I dunno about you, but I find this argument utterly preposterous !

Legally speaking, true, the way the copyright laws has been stipulated by those "legal experts" is that a copy of whatever copyrighted content (be it sound, image, book, or the combination of any form) can only be used one time, in one place.

But c'mon !

People living in Sydney Australia don't get to watch teevee station beaming from NYC anyway - and by allowing them to watch it via online streaming, how the fuck this going to make the NYC teevee station losing money ?

I agree. It's a bad argument that will fail at the high court. Aereo was very careful to design technology that gives each customer a single real antenna. They're basically renting you an antenna, a DVR, and the use of their infrastructure to remotely (but still within the geographical limits of the broadcasts) use that remote antenna and DVR.

Comment Any way to get more people in the store... (Score 5, Insightful) 112

Amazon is more likely to be used by people with money to burn, people wealthier than the average WalMart customer. This will get those types into the store, and will certainly result in more purchases by those types. The long term viability will depend on Walmart making the store attractive to those types.

Comment Re:Wrong units... (Score 1) 144

Yes, but a scale such as the ones being used can't really measure mass independently of a known gravitational pull, so while it's reporting in grams, it's really reporting weight because of the variable pull of the earth. AFAIK without a balance beam, you're not going to accurately measure mass with gravity as a variable. I presume these scales are intended to be calibrated once they arrive at the destination. This experiment isn't calibrating the scale to local gravity, I imagine.

Comment Re:I'm so sick of this... (Score 2, Interesting) 406

I bought the N900 as soon as it was released in the US. I had been waiting for it since I got my N810, which I instantly fell in love with. The N900 was great out of the box, but over the next 4 months I became increasingly disappointed with it. I even changed from AT&T to TMobile because I wanted 3G data. The Maemo platform is still incredibly immature as anything other than a hobbyist/developer platform. As a smartphone it's nearly useless. And Nokia did nothing but pay lip service to the platform after launch. I say this as a long time Nokia fan and Maemo booster. I jumped to Android, the Nexus One, and haven't missed my N900 for a second.

Not only does the software platform suffer from terribly integration and missing features, the hardware itself is poorly designed. The slide mechanism is cheap, and wound up putting scratches into the right side of the keyboard area. There is a magnet on the OUTSIDE of the battery cover that performs two actions. It helps hold down the useless kickstand (it's positioned too far to one side to reliably keep the N900 upright if you play on touching it) when the kickstand is closed, AND it also triggers a sensor on the phone so it knows the battery door is closed. When that magnet falls off, the phone won't mount the SD card because it thinks the battery door is open. The only solution is to go to Nokia warranty and have them send you a new back.

If you lose the stylus, Nokia won't even SELL you a new one. They sell them to warranty service centers, but PEOPLE can't get them.

Nokia has completely lost any clue they had how to satisfy customers anymore. They keep putting out great designed phones with Symbian, a dead OS (don't even tell me how awesome it still is, it's not. It's a dead OS that no one told is dead. iOS, Android, even WinMoPhoneCE 7 is better than Symbian.), and crappy hardware with a POTENTIALLY fantastic OS, Maemo. And then they decided to merge Moblin with Maemo. It'll never take off, any chance it had is dead. Meego is the new Taligent. And the N900 is just dead in the water.

Comment Symbian is a dead end. (Score 1) 189

Symbian's a dead end. Maemo/Android/Linux is the way going forward. I've been a long time Nokia fan, I make no bones about it. I can call them out when they screw up, but generally I find their products superior. I've used a number of Symbian phones, and two Maemo devices, the N810 Internet Tablet and the new N900 phone. The N810 was a great device, and the N900 blows away any handheld device I've used. The ease of use, the ability to customize, hack, the ease of getting applications, everything is just so much better on the N900 than any Symbian device I've ever had. Symbian is an aging platform that hasn't worn well over time. It's time to let it die.

Comment Re:Too costly (Score 1) 322

Now, it's true I like in "retarded America" and thus I must be a retarded American, but this part confused me: "150 mins (300 american mins)". While money has exchange rates, I'm fairly sure that our clocks use the same size minutes as the rest of the world. What exactly did that part mean?

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