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Journal Journal: Hide your sh!* 1

Put that subversive/restricted data in a hollow coin/microSD!


Journal Journal: Sneakemail is down! Oi vey! 3

Sneakemail, the lovely disposable forwarding email addresses service, seems to be down. Seems the address is not resolving.

And it's horrible. I didn't even make a backup of the addresses! And besides, I was always a great advocate of Sneakemail and recommended everyone to use it.

BTW: I am looking for a girlfriend.

Puzzle Games (Games)

Journal Journal: "How can people be so heartless?"

I had a blind date. We met at the Book Week.. and she rejected me.. I'm writing this in this place instead of in one of my Hebrew blogs, because she promised she'd date me if I give her the URLs of at least some of my identities - and she doesn't know about this one.
I felt that we might have a future together. But she didn't... it's because she's picky, probably.. and it sucks.
At least she allowed me to play with me with her hair. But I'm so disappointed.

Oh well. That wraps up my anger. Every rejection is traumatic, but I'm working on minimizing the sadness and other negative emotions. From now on, logic will take control over the situataion. I have erased and blocked her from my MSN. I shall not look on her blog again, and now I'm going to watch more episodes of Telenovela LTD. (Would you believe I got addicted to a telenovela? But it's a very unconventional one. They got humor and self humor too. They rock).

With love,

PS: 'Bang, she said they got a terrible technical writer and they might fire him. Want to take his place?


Journal Journal: MD5 - living in uncertainty

The recent news about MD5 collisions makes me feel bad.. aren't all the encryption programs based on MD5? It makes them all so meaningless.

And what's worse: Even if they find a better hasing algorithm, it'll still be defeated once quantum computing becomes a reality (it'll allow you to check all the possibilities at once, and easily defeat any possible encryption. However it'll allow a better way to encrypt stuff).

It's hard to live like that. I always hated manual signatures and hoped for a better authentcation way.. but I'm afraid they'll be around for too long before we find a better way to encrpt and digitally sign.

BTW: I'm supposed to meet a girl in today's Book Week. Wish me luck.

The 2000 Beanies

Journal Journal: Arafat is dead 3

Apparantly I can't find an English news source that says that Arafat is dead, so I'll just translate some of what is written in this Ynet article.

Arafat is dead. The message will be anounced this morning

An end of an era: The 75 year old leader has passed away in the capital city of France. The Palestinian Authority (PA) seniors arrived to the hospital and received the message with the wife Suha and the doctors. The Pals request to bury Arafat in the Muqat'a. The head of the Sharaic law courts in the PA, the sheich something el Tamimi, went to Paris to officially anounce the death of Arafat, probably on tomorrow morning.

Chairman of the PA, Yasser Arafat, passed away this evening (Tuesday) in the hospital in Paris, so delivered official Palestinian sources to Ynet. Arafat, 75 years old, passed away after being several days in a state of clinical death in the "Percy"(?) hospital, where he was rushed from the Muqat'a in Ramlla following a serious deterioration in his health condition.


In addition to the sources which reported to Ynet, the Reuters agency reported from at least 5 Palestinian officials that Arafat is dead. According to one source, "He died from an brain hemorrhage during the night (between Monday and Tuesday). The bodyguards hugged, kissed and told each other to be strong".

The Palestinian minister, Nabeel Shaat, tried to negate the reports about Arafat's death, and said in a press conference in Paris that "Arafat's brain, heart and lungs are still operating and he's alive". But earlier, the secretary general of the PA, Naib Abad el-Rakhim, and the Palestinian minister, Saib Arikat, burst in tears and said that they are preparing to bury Arafat in the Muqat'a.

And here's the picture in the header of Ynet now.

Previous JE

Update: (11.11.2004) Apparantly he's not dead yet, but they say his condition deteriorated even more. Do you think he'll die in time for his funeral, which is planned for tomorrow?


Journal Journal: Dear Arafat

Dear Arafat,

Last time you were in danger, I felt the tension as well. I was monitoring you all the time and couldn't leave my eye off CNN. You can't believe how tense I was all that time. I couldn't do anything else besides being updated about you, until you were over it.

I hope you won't make me tense again.
Please try harder to die this time.

Thank you.


Journal Journal: Sasha's doing problems 1

Here's a very boring journal entry. I feel like sharing the slashdotters with it, but you don't really have to read. Really. I'm writing it here and not in my other blogs because I know he doesn't monitor this one.

Remember Sasha? Well he called me yesterday and we talked and then we hung up, and then he called again..

And he does that a lot - calling 2 or 3 times during a short period of time. And it's kinda distracting and annoying. Not too distracting because usually I'm not doing anything important, and not very annoying either, but minorly annoying.

So after the 2nd time he called, I told him: "You have that weird habbit of calling a lot during a short period of time" (Is there a better way to express that in English?). I thought I said that in a tactfull manner, but my family, later, disagreed..

So he said: "Nave, you don't have to be angry on me. I just wanted to ... you know what? Go to hell" and he hung up. And then he sent me an SMS: "Don't worry Nave, I will not call you a lot in short period. Actually, I won't call you at all". I guess he was really annoyed.

And it seems unacceptable to me, to behave like that. If I annoy him, he should tell it to me in a normal manner.

We've been friends since 1993, but after discussing with my family about it, I reached the conclusion that we doesn't interest me. He doesn't bore me either, and it can be sometimes nice to hang out with him, but I'm not too interested about what going on with him.... it might be sad to break a relationship, but maybe I need to find someone more interesting?

Anyway, my family insisted that I wasn't right, so I sent him some sort of apology by email: "I'm sorry if I hurt you. That was not my meaning. I thought I told you that in a tactfull manner, but I guess it was not. Although it might bother me a bit that you call me several times, but if it's an important issue, then I don't mind"

For the record.. I preferred not to initiate any communication with him for a two weeks or so, just to make him suffer. But I sent that email only because my mom insisted and she also told me she'll try to set me her friend's daughter.. (a thing that failed, because that friend told my mom that her daughter is so busy with her research that she doesn't have time for meaningless things like love).

I really should try finding new friends...

User Journal

Journal Journal: Won't monitor friends journals anymore... 3

I'm getting too many new journal notifications by email lately, and its kinda annoying.
Last time it bugged me, I shortened my friends list, but I don't think I can do it anymore. It's so unfriendly. So instead, I'll just turn off journal notifications.

You don't mind, do you? There are only 2 people that I wish to monitor from now on: My Overseas Lover and JTS. So I'll add their journals to my RSS feed reader instead (here's how). For the rest.. well, I might visit the amigos page once in a while..

BTW: I wonder why Daoine ignores me. She never answered any of my comments. :/

The 2000 Beanies

Journal Journal: I never submitted that /. article! 2

I was searching for my username, out of boredom, in Google, and some weird site had my username in it, and it points to this slashdot article about cute n' fuzzy intrusion detection, allegedly submitted by me.

Well, I never posted this thingie. I'm not into OpenBSD. I wonder very much if someone submitted it under my name, or it's just some database error.

And here's another unexpected place where I was mentioned. Do you know Skaven? He's one of the most famous trackers (one of those people who used to compose music files and distribute them freely, before MP3 file were common). So if you look in his page for the words "The final goblin", you'll see that he linked to my comment. I'm so thrilled! I'm one of Skaven's mad fans.

PS: Thank you again, Bethanie, for the GMail invitation!


Journal Journal: My little sis and my parents - joy and fun 2

My little sister decided to have a party this week. She set a date, planned the details and even invited a band. She just forgot one thing - to update my parents about it - tell them on what date she plans it and all.

So now, out of principle probably, my parents are not going to allow it. They are talking about that in the kitchen right now, but I presume she will resort to shouting and then go back to her room accompanied with a door slam. Joy!


Journal Journal: I guess I'm not a moral person 8

This journal entry might make that several people will dislike me, but I really want to tell you guys about that. :)

Tonight I had sex with a married woman.
It's all Sasha's fault.
I thought that his undercover relationship will be so cool and envied him for that. And then he decided that this kind of relationship is not his cup of tea (the girl wants to eat the cake and leave it full). I wasn't the only one who was disappointed from that. His Neanderthal roommate was disappointed too, and he told him it's shameful and he doesn't have the right to exist - the girl wants sex but he denies it from her! It's a crime!

So, if Sasha doesn't want to have sex with a married women, I shall do that instead! I remembered an article in the paper which mentioned a chat site where there are lotsa women who are just dying to cheat on their husbands. So I went into that site and went into the "married" room, but no one bothered to answer me, so I went back into the default room (the lobby) and msgd all the feminine nicks. So, most girls closed the window in front of my face. One of them was in a city I never visit, another one wanted a picture of my penis and the last one chit-chatted with me.

So I had a chat with her - maybe I impressed her with my textual skills. I didn't know who she was yet, but she told me she's 45, married and got 3 kids. I told her I don't mind and asked for her phone, but she preferred to give me her ICQ.
So we had a chat on ICQ later, and also gave her one of my phone numbers (I've got 3) and she called me and gave my her number and we agreed to meet in the night.

So today I came with the car and took her, and she instructed me to drive to that garage, which is empty during the night. And then we had sex in the backseat. I can't believe I did that.. and I can't believe how easy it was to get laid...


I probably won't be seeing her again. I don't think I was very attracted to her.. I don't think I'll try meeting more married women - the risk is too high (their husband might be waiting with an axe near my entrance). But it was a lovely experience.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Earthquake in Israel! 2

There was an earthquake here around 10:20, 4.5 in Richter scale (I know there's another scale but they don't use it in Israel yet). I was standing in my room and then it starting shaking. At first I though it was vibrations from a big truck, but it was too strong. The earthquake happened in all of Israel and in a part of Lebanon too.

The silly thing is.. I looked before on my shelves and thought to myself: "So much stuff from here will fall if there's an earthquake! But who cares, those seldom happen". So now, when I realized it's an earthquake, instead of standing under a lintel like a normal human being should do, I went and supported the stuff on the shelves.

Silly me. Seems my survival instinct isn't that strong.. I promise next time I'll care more about me than my property.

Here's a report in the Jerusalem Post (probably it'll be removed in a few days)

Update: No serious damage by now. Seems that the only thing that collapsed was the cellular phone networks, because of all the excited calls.


Journal Journal: I am not the center of the church! 6

Oi va'avoi!
You know what I've just found out? That nave is a real word in English! So I wanted to tell you all that I'm not the center of the church, nor the center of the wheel.
My "Nave" is pronounced differently too. It's not "neyve" like you may think, but it's "na-ve". The E at the end is not silent.

Now, that has been a useless journal entry, hasn't it?


Journal Journal: Even more about Sasha 3

Remember my friend Sasha - the guy who slept with my sis?

He has been going to a surrogate treatment - that thing where a girl basically teaches you how to behave with women (including full, unprotected sex), or something like that. And he fell in love with her.

Now that is normally supposed to happen, but he fell in love with her so deeply that today, in his seventh session with her, he confessed to her that he only wants to find a way to be her boyfriend.

And then she started crying.. and told him she's married, although unhappily, and she also told him this: I married a boring guy only to find that you are the one I've been looking for all my life.

That was very against the protocol.. and guess what, they decided to stop the treatment. They didn't tell the supervisor the true reason. And to make it more against the protocol, they exchanged phone numbers too. She told him to call her tomorrow so they'll see what they'll do.

Interesting isn't it? I can't wait to see what happens. Will she dump her husband for him? Stay tuned! (Update: The new episode of this soap opera will appear on Sunday, after their meeting)

Second update (10.02.2004): Well he told me it's over. That's sad! I thought I'll have a big real life soap opera, but it ended so fast!


Journal Journal: The 2 lab computers are no longer black! 5

Remember the 2 computers I disabled? Well, I visited today the lab and the 2 computers were in the exact state I left them (one was black, and the other was in 640x480x16 mode after I've choosen "vga mode" from the boot menu).

So I rebooted them. The first one strangely managed to display 1024x768 (not so good though), so I'll keep it that way. The second one returned to black, so I took the first VB program that changes the resolution that I found on google, compiled it in another computer, saved it on the network drive, went to the black computer, performed a blind login and ran the program (using the WinKey+R shortcut). And now it's displaying again!

Nice of me, isn't it?

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