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The Courts

Submission + - Judge tosses evidence over GPS tracking without warrant (

blindseer writes: ""The Drug Enforcement Administration had been following Lee's car from Chicago using a GPS — a tracking device placed on the vehicle as part of a multi-state drug probe — and troopers found 150 lbs of marijuana in his car.

Now, a federal judge has ruled the stash inadmissible in the case against Lee because the DEA and troopers didn’t have a warrant to place the device on the car."

In the DEA's zeal to protect us from ourselves they forgot about the tiny little detail of following a very basic rule in the Constitution about no searches without cause or warrant. The DEA has been punished for this before, they should know better by now."

United States

Submission + - USA Federal Judge Rules Bloggers Not Protected as (

blindseer writes: "From the article:

A federal judge in Oregon has ruled that a Montana woman sued for defamation was not a journalist when she posted online that an Oregon lawyer acted criminally during a bankruptcy case, a decision with implications for bloggers around the country.

If the government can define who is part of the press, and therefore gets First Amendment protections, then where does that place the freedom of the press?"

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