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Journal blinder's Journal: SFB: This One Goes Out to StB 19

Okay yeah I was just messing around this morning -- and I started playing this riff in the git-fiddle and I thought to myself "hey, this is like one of those sad-sounding riffs that StB likes."

So, with nothing much else to do, I decided to develop it a little bit, and came up with this

But what with my more up beat tendancies, i sped up the tempo and countered the chorus with a progressive scale in the lead part -- see its about contridictions :)

Anyway, I did a rushed mix, an even more rushed master (no eq fine tuning, just a little compression and lots of limiting).

The guitars, well, yeah I like the tone for this type of song... they are compressed so heavily to squeeze every possible bit of "fuzziness" out of them that they sound pretty smooth.

Okay, as usual, listen, laugh, make jokes.

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SFB: This One Goes Out to StB

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  • by ryanr ( 30917 ) *
    That's my favorite of yours so far! Much more interesting guitar parts on this one. Drums are good, too.
  • Just kidding. You honestly did all that this morning?

    That ROCKED. I wish I could do that. I'm happy when I have 10 minutes to strum a few chords! Like I said in my Orkut profile, *someday* I'll create the world's oldest rock band.

    Very awesome sir. Very awesome.
    • Um...I hate you?

      Don't hate me because I rock out

      oh crap, I can't believe I just referenced a make-up commercial.

      You honestly did all that this morning?

      Yeah, really. Got up around 8-ish, went down into the studio, fired everything up, grabbed the Les Paul and started strumming. Because of the simple chord structure and progressions, overdubbing the second guitar and overdubbing the lead and then putting down the bass guitar was really fast. The drums went down even faster -- aside from a few flubs the
      • Hey! You do rock out. And you rock out FAST.

        I don't have a great setup. I recorded "One" by U2 using a generic plastic mic thingy into my soundcard using Cakewalk. No drums, played guitar as bass. Lame lame lame. I need a house, a drum machine, a nicer bass, and a 4 track. :)

        I have a cheap black Ibanez Strat copy which is nice. I really like it actually. I also have a starburst Variax which is lots of fun. It feels more like a Les Paul. I had a wine colored Les Paul Custom, but alas, it died a p
        • Les Paul Custom, but alas, it died a painful death

          I shall weep quietly for your loss, and then light a candle.

          SHITTY ASS Ibanez acoustic

          d00d! I love the shitty-ass ibanez acoustic!!! That's what I have! Its got a really nasty tone and when you mic it, it gets even nastier, like the guitar is just out to spite you and your quest to achieve that nice crysral clear acoustic tone... but alas, its rudeness and poor attitude is exactly the right thing almost all the time.

          Also have a PodXT effects processo
          • d00d! I love the shitty-ass ibanez acoustic!!!
            I had, and sold, an Ibanez dreadnought acoustic that was REALLY REALLY sweet. GREAT tone. Great great feel. Easy as pie to play. I should've never sold it. I bought another one and it just sucks--I thought I liked it--fucking impulse purchase. I think I'll have to record to understand your views on it. ;)

            I really want a Martin D-28. I played it at the shop and sounded just like Paul McCartney playing Blackbird. Very very nice guitar. Little expensive
          • Oh yeah??? What ya got?
            Umm, forgot about this and I screwed up. I don't have a valve amp, a valvestate amp which only emulates tubes. Like I said, lame. :) It's ok for me, but I would LOVE to get a JCM 800. LOVE to. You don't need to sell me on Marshalls.
  • I've got some prelim lyrics going. Bland, but hey, it's what I got. :)

    A bit Sugar-y in parts. That's a compliment. :)

    I really like it, though. I don't think there's a song you've done that I've not liked, though. I like the ending. :)

    It's hard writing for such long songs, btw. ;)

    • Oh, and I love the title because my favorite number is 8. :)
      • my favorite number is 8

        Damit, Sam.

        I was born on April 18, at 1:18 pm, my parents lived at 18 Small, I was 8 pounds, 8 ounces.
        8 and 18 have been my lucky numbers since forever.

        Are you sure you don't have half a medallion sitting around somewhere?

        • btw, blinder... I like it. As Sam mentioned, the ending is pretty sweet. I'm now listening to "Is It Time Yet," which I like even more.
        • 8/8. I turned 18 on 8/8/88. :) I think I was 9 lbs 8oz. Just a bit bigger.

          So, no medallion, but I otherwise got ya <pounds chest> right here. :)

          • *chortle*

            I hope

            • I can stop laughing before I finish typing and actually post this
            • I don't wake up the kid, who's supposed to be getting down for a nap right now.
            That's hilarious. Still chucklin'...
            • I always make sure my dollar amounts when buying gas end in 8. It's especially nice when the total is something like 24.28. Since 2+4+2=8.

              I'm really weird like that. I got married on the 8th of the month I got married in because of that.

              REALLY weird like that.

    • I've got some prelim lyrics going.
      Good, then get out a mic and start recording. :-)
    • I've got some prelim lyrics going.

      Heh, you could either go sappy love song, or completely esoteric exploration of abstract themes and, oh fuck I dunno... this is why I rarely write lyrics.

      I like the ending

      Yeah, that's the screamo/mosh part, that gets all the boys in the crowd flipping out and, of course, all the girls swooning -- I tell ya, you close a set with something like that... and you'll get the action :-D

      The last very bits I kept in, they were "scratch" parts I did and recorded over, and it
  • by HBI ( 604924 )
    Really excellent. I still hear some Joe Jack Talcum in your stuff - that isn't a bad thing btw. :-)

    Towards the end the guitar really reminds me of that.

    I don't give out gratuitous praise - take it to heart and keep it up.
    • Huh, wow, I loved the Dead Milkmen way back in the day. Yeah, I love the simple, poppy, melodic strumming and chord progressions.

      I don't give out gratuitous praise - take it to heart and keep it up.

      Thanks, I appreciated it and I shall :)

Money cannot buy love, nor even friendship.