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Submission + - Go Daddy still officially supports SOPA. (

blind biker writes: Much has been said in the previous few days of Go Daddy's support for the SOPA and PIPA bills. Go Daddy has helped draft SOPA, but reacting to a boycott campaign initiated from a Reddit post, the reviled registrar decided to engage in a half-hearted PR move to stop the exodus. Many have warned that Go Daddy hasn't truly changed stance, only that they will hide their true intentions from the public view from now on. Well, it turns out Go Daddy's general counsel and corporate secretary (who helped draft SOPA) still throws the company's weight firmly behind the bill. In her blog post, Christine Jones signs in her official figure of Go Daddy representative, and states: In our view, Internet policy should strive to balance the sometimes competing goals of the global free flow of information (which is clearly critical to U.S. businesses), with enforcement of the rule of law. We don't see those competing goals as mutually exclusive, but rather, complimentary. In fact, that balance is essential to a flourishing, yet safe, Internet. As you can see, there is absolutely no reason not to take part in the Dump Go Daddy Day by moving your domains to an anti-SOPA registrar. Here is an easy, step-by-step illustrated guide on how to move your domains out of Go Daddy.

Submission + - Does space belong to China?

blind biker writes: I will not bother providing links, as it has been reported by all news outlets: China sent another exploration mission to the Moon on October 1st: this time it is a satellite provided by a laser altimeter and a high resolution 3D camera. The purpose of the mission is to find a suitable landing location for the next lunar mission, an unmanned landing of a rover.
I watched the take-off of the Long March 3C (the one that carries the current probe to the Moon), and realized that China is very serious about their ambitions. Their Moon program will certainly have a seeding effect on Chinese science and technology.

Submission + - New Gulf oil well off Louisiana approved by feds (

blind biker writes: AP reports that federal regulators approved Wednesday the first new Gulf of Mexico oil well since President Barack Obama lifted a brief ban on drilling in shallow water, even while deepwater projects remain frozen after the massive BP spill.

While there is a huge difference between drilling at 5000 feet and at 115 feet (the newly approved project), I am not at all sure that we have any credible technical means of stopping a new spill, nor the laws necessary to hold the culprits of an unmanaged accident financially responsible.

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