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Comment robots.txt indeed does NOT have value (Score 2, Interesting) 172

The use of robots.txt only makes the internet somewhat harder to search. I fucking hate it when some scientific publisher haplessly uses robots.txt, only to make search of their published content nearly impossible to find. Fuck that, fuck robots.txt and the train it came with.

Comment This will probably fuck with Zotero (Score 2) 216

In principle this could prevent me from writing my scientific manuscripts with Word. On the other hand, nobody forces me to use the newest version of Word. Kind of to probe a point (but mostly because I like it more), I use Word 2007 to author all the manuscripts we publish. There really aren't any compelling reasons for me to upgrade to the new versions of Office.

Comment Re:How short term is short term to this guy? (Score 0) 99

The good news is that those people already voted for Trump, so not much else can go wrong at this point.

I am saying this as a Finn watching the situation in the USA from afar: to me it seems pretty evident that Hillary voters were/are both dumb and exceedingly aggressive.

Comment Since I left IT and joined academia... (Score 1) 161

Yeah, it's been many years since I worked in IT. I can see it now that it took me several minutes to decipher "SAS". In academia we use and love open source, and abbreviations such as "SAS" mean little to nothing. At first I thought "the British SAS? Or is it the Scandinavian Airlines (that would be more plausible)?" I guess it's not only me having left the world of IT industry but also the arbitrariness of the statement of 60% proprietary + 40% OS. I haven't had to deal with such BS in over a decade.

Comment Re:Its rather exaggerated (Score 1) 63

But with potentially only 33,000 rewrite cycles per cell to failure that's seriously problematic. (And that's the best guess, since Intel won't actually tell us what the cell durability is).

I can guarantee you it's not 33.000 R/W cycles - the only tech that would allow that is SLC, and practically nobody sells SSD based on SLC anymore. A few manufacturers sell highly overpriced SLC-based SD and microSD cards. Hell, nowadays you'll struggle to even find MLC-based SSDs (~10.000 rewrite cycles AT BEST). Every SSD manufacturer today uses TLC, which means 1000 R/W cycles per cell.

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