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Submission + - ASCII code turns 50 (

An anonymous reader writes: Let’s go back to year 1961 AD. It was a time when every computer model had its own unique character encoding system. There were about 60 different systems in use of which 9 where invented at IBM. It was therefore not that much surprising that finally a committee gathered which after a whopping two (say two) years of debates assigned 100 characters to a seven bit numbers. Long time for a numbering of a few letters, but every hardware manufacturer wrangled about the position of the smallest comma to make sure they don’t need to modify their devices too much. So, in 1963 the ASCII was born.

Submission + - Android At Risk Of Getting Banned In India By The Goverment (

An anonymous reader writes: Telecom Minister, Kapil Sibal plans to ban Android in India, accusing the mobile OS to carry adult applications which are unsuitable for minors.He has asked the media to come up with suggestions to deal with the issue, before taking any step.
        “I want you people to suggest how can we close it. If we want to close it, you will attack us. I want all the media to come together and tell the minister how to deal with it so that if I do something about it, you don’t attack me,”

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