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Spammer Robert Soloway Arrested 383

Mike writes "Yahoo is reporting that US prosecutors captured Robert Soloway, a prolific Internet marketer responsible so much junk e-mail they called him "Spam King." Soloway was arrested in Seattle, Washington, a week after being indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of identity theft, money laundering, and mail, wire, and e-mail fraud. Soloway is accused of using botnets to disguise where e-mail originated and of forging return addresses of real people or businesses for his mass mailings. If convicted as charged, Soloway will face a maximum sentence of more than 65 years in prison and a fine of 250,000 dollars."
Operating Systems

Submission + - AppleInsider on Jobs and Gates at the D Conference

javaxjb writes: AppleInsider summarizes Walt Mossberg's joint interview with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at Wednesday night's D5 Conference. Perhaps the most intriguing tidbit comes with Gate's reason for putting Mac development on the back burner after Job's departure from Apple, "Leaving the company had stalled Mac development and given little reason for Microsoft to continue writing apps." The more cynical might wonder whether perhaps Microsoft was withholding development dollars in retaliation for lack good ideas to borrow.
Internet Explorer

Submission + - MSIE 7.0 now a high priority update

An anonymous reader writes: As of this morning, Microsoft released Internet Explorer 7.0 as a high priority update. Its interesting that this happened a week before the official patch-Tuesday. Over here are some stats on how IE 7 and FF 2 picked up. Looks like FF 2 is already out-numbering FF 1.5, while IE 7 is having a hard time to find followers. Will today's release as a high priority force-fed update fix this issue?

Submission + - defending against quantum attacks

user24 writes: "Security Focus is running a story that may be a little ahead of it's time;

"In the weird world of quantum computing, the state of computer systems networked together is so fragile that a read access to a single quantum bit, or qubit, on one machine would require a network-wide reset."

"I want to maintain the quantum computer in a good state until, magically, the answers appear. Stray cosmic rays and things like that — if they interact with this stuff, then something changes and the computer crashes. The thought is that people could do that on purpose.""

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