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Comment Re:Yeah well... (Score 0) 279

(remember he didn't want to allow any apps at all at first)

There's a big difference between shipping a simpler working product, and the delays caused by shipping a product with full developer APIs, financial channels to pay those developers, LAWYERS AND LEGAL BS, etc. Apple chose to ship a complete product as early as possible.


Inmates Escape As Guard Plays Plants Vs. Zombies 87

dotarray writes "Everybody knows that there's a certain risk one takes when playing addictive, engrossing games can be trouble when you're meant to be doing something else. The prevalence of awesome games on the iPhone hasn't helped that risk. A Plants Vs. Zombies loving police officer has learned this the hard way after an escape."

Girl Quits On Dry Erase Board a Hoax 147

suraj.sun writes "It's the same old story: young woman quits, uses dry erase board and series of pictures to let entire office know the boss is a sexist pig, exposes his love of playing FarmVille during work hours." Story seem too good to be true? It probably is, at least according to writer Peter Kafka. Even so, Jay Leno and Good Morning America have already reached out to "Jenny."

Comment Re:Droid Owner (Score 3, Interesting) 289

Also, Android phones don't (yet) have dedicated graphics chips, AFAIK. I just got the Samsung Moment, and winced when I ran the included Bejeweled demo. It's one of my favorite games on iPhone, but it's a total joke on Android. You won't find AAA titles on Android, because they can't be run. Don't expect Trench Run or Tiger Woods on the Android or Palm Pre, because it's not a possibility at this moment.

Actually, it's worse for the Pre, because it actually has the same CPU and Graphics hardware as the 3GS, yet the hardware currently does nothing. There's currently no way for a game dev to access it. Lame.

Comment Re:Atom (Score 1) 275

I just built a hackintosh (Lenovo S10e) with a store-bought Snow Leopard copy - The biggest problem isn't the CPU or the RAM, it's the screen resolution. OS X does not like a 600 pixel screen height. Some system windows don't fit (you can hook up an external monitor though).

As for the commenter who said that Netbooks are only sold with a max of 80GB - not true. Mine shipped with 160GB, that seems to be the sweet spot for HDD based systems.

As far as a nerd project, the S10e Hackintosh is in the "way too easy" category. Cool, huh?

Comment Re:Get a Sansa Clip instead (Score 1) 379

I have that exact Sansa, and although its a bit larger than the new shuffle, it's the best compromise of "tiny" and "usable". It's a great piece of hardware, and Sears had them for only $35 a few months back. The screen is great, and most importantly the sound is top notch. You get FM with recording capability too, for your NPR needs. I recommend it highly. I'm an Apple fan but the Shuffle has nothing on the Sansa, except size. For me the Sansa is as small as it needs to be.

Would You Install Pirated Software at Work? 848

An anonymous reader asks: "I am an IT professional, and due to budget constraints, I have been told to install multiple copies of MS Office, despite offering to install OpenOffice, and other OpenSource Office products. Even though most of the uses are for people using Excel like a database, or formatting of text in cells, other programs are not tolerated. I have been over ruled by our controller, to my disagreement. I would never turn them in, but I am in tough place by knowing doing something illegal. I want to keep my job, but disagree with some of the decision making on this issue. Other than drafting a letter to the owners of the company on how I disagree with the policy, what else can I do?"

Submission + - Astronaut Wally Schirra, Dead at 84

sconeu writes: Astronaut Wally Schirra, one of the Original Seven Mercury Astronauts, pilot of Sigma 7, commander of Gemini 6 and Apollo 7 died from a heart attack in La Jolla, CA at age 84.

Schirra was also a commentator for CBS on spaceflight coverage.

The only two of the Original Seven left are now John Glenn and Scott Carpenter.

Submission + - SPAM: Vonage gets shot down in retrial bid

alphadogg writes: A U.S. federal appeals court has rejected Vonage's request that it order a lower court to retry a patent-infringement case against the company, Vonage confirmed Thursday. The VOIP service provider, embroiled in a dispute with Verizon, had asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to vacate an earlier jury verdict after a Supreme Court decision this week that is expected to change the way courts look at patent cases. Vonage was already appealing the verdict. [spam URL stripped]t -rejects-vonage-request-for.html

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