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Submission + - Stem Cell Tourist Dies From Treatment in Thailand (discovermagazine.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: Last week, news that Costa Rica was shutting down a large stem cell clinic sparked a debate here on Slashdot about whether patients should be allowed to take the risks that come with untested treatments. Now comes news of what can happen when patients go looking for a shortcut. A patient suffering from an autoimmune disease that was destroying her kidneys went to a Bangkok clinic, where doctors injected her own adult stem cells into her kidneys. Now she's dead, and a postmortem revealed that the sites of injection had weird growths — "tangled mixtures of blood vessels and bone marrow cells." Researchers say the treatment almost certainly killed her.

Submission + - 90th Anniversary of Women's Suffrage this year (heritagesquare.org)

Brian Sheridan writes: Exhibit to Celebrate the 90th Anniversary of Woman’s Suffrage
LOS ANGELES – Heritage Square Museum's latest exhibit Their Rights and Nothing Less: A Celebration of Women’s Suffrage will open on June 19th and runs through September 26th. Complete with original, rarely-seen ephemera from the early years of the suffrage movement, a special section of the exhibit will be dedicated entirely to the efforts of women in Los Angeles who led the fight for equality 9 years before its ratification at the National level.
This year marks the 90th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution giving women the right for women to vote. More accurately, the language does not reference women in the affirmative; what it does is not deny the right to vote based upon gender.
The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.
The 19th Amendment was proposed on June 4. 1919. Ratification was completed on August 18, 1920 by Tennessee, by a one-vote margin. It was certified on August 26, 1920.
Of course, the fight for women’s rights began much, much earlier. In 1792, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman: With Strictures on Political and Moral Subjects was published by Mary Wollstonecraft, which responded to an issue even more basic and immediate than voting rights—the right—indeed the necessity for women to receive an education. Although almost inconceivable to think of now, this was considered a radical position which provoked a dramatic, although not necessarily negative, response. Starting with this simple idea, women have been fighting for equal rights ever since.
Curated by Mitzi March Mogul, Their Rights and Nothing Less takes a critical look at the incredible effort it took to gain that right and includes original artifacts from the early years of the struggle. In addition, the exhibit continues after the vote was won to look at critical issues fought and won by the women's rights movement after. Including ephemera and artifacts from a never-before-seen private collection, the exhibit is a must for every woman...and man. The exhibit is made possible thanks to sponsors Planned Parenthood of Pasadena, 9 to 5-the National Association of Working Women, Bob Taylor Properties and the Glendale Printing Center.

Celebrating 41 years preserving and interpreting the history of Southern California, Heritage Square is a living history museum whose eight historic structures to tell the story of the development of Los Angeles like no place else. Heritage Square Museum is open for regular tours Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, from 12:00 PM to 4:30 PM. The exhibit is included in the museum’s admission fee: $10/adults, $8/seniors, $5/children ages 6-12.
The Museum is located at 3800 Homer Street, off the 110 Pasadena Freeway at Avenue 43, just north of downtown Los Angeles. For further information, visit our website at www.heritagesquare.org or the museum blog at http://heritagesquare.blogspot.com./


Massachusetts Sues to Halt Defcon Subway Hacking Talk 270

According to CNET, "The state of Massachusetts has asked a federal judge for a temporary restraining order preventing three MIT students from giving a presentation on Sunday about hacking smartcards used in the Boston subway system." It'll be interesting to see whether Dutch-style openness or Soviet-style secrecy prevails in Las Vegas. Update: 08/09 20:57 GMT by T : "Too late," says reader Bluey: "Injunction was already granted."

Microsoft Investing In "Open Source" Lab In Philippines 95

jaromil writes "Following up its cozying up to OSCON, now Microsoft is launching its first 'open source' lab in the Philippines, paying for a huge media coverage. From the press release it seems they are also advertising the issue of 'interoperability' to outnumber one of the strongest features of open source in Asia: recycling old computers. Any suggestions for good stories about MS interoperability so far? :)"

Submission + - Personal weather station helping weather forecast

Weather Storm writes: Weather information from thousands of personal weather stations are being used for weather forecasting by several private and government agencies including National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Department of Homeland Security (DOH). Citizens Weather Observation Program (CWOP) created by a few amateur radio operators experimenting with transmitting weather data with packet radios, has expanded their network to include internet only weather stations. "As of September 2007, nearly 5,000 station world-wide reported weather data regularly to CWOP a href="http://www.findu.com/">FindU database." The weather data is forwarded every 15 minutes to NOAA's Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System (MADIS), checked for temporary and spatial consistency, than utilized by computer forecast models and internal forecast verification programs. In a Febuary 2007 report, DOH listed CWOP as a national assets to the "BioWatch" Network stating that data from personal weather station could be useful in weather forecasts for hazardous releases. In 2007, the FindU server received 422,262,687 weather reports which is a 29.5% increase over 2006.

Feed Engadget: Virtual teacher understands your frustration, pours on the homework (engadget.com)

Filed under: Robots

Okay, so maybe Eve won't really load you down with busywork, but the virtual teacher will sympathize with you, hear you out and alter her teaching style to better match your current mood. Reportedly, the Massey University creation can "pick up body language and facial expressions like a real teacher [in order] to interact and [hold] the attention of students." Additionally, she can ask questions, dole out feedback and discuss problems with pupils, but there's no telling how easily she hands out extra credit. Dr. Hossein Sarrafzadeh, the lead on the project, noted that people should soon expect robots to take note of their feelings and reactions exactly as we expect a fellow human to, but we're left to wonder how many more years our teachers have before they're subbed out en masse for digital replacements.

[Via SmartMobs, image courtesy of Primidi]

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The Internet

Submission + - Bluehost and Copyright/DMCA

nnn2007 writes: Without notice Bluehost has shut me down after a banking institute claimed that publishing international banking law violated their (!?) copyright.

Apparently on Thursday (11/29) my hosting service provider bluehost received a request from a banking institute that "ISP 98" be removed.

On my web site on international finance law I had posted a couple of articles I had written and published the underlying laws. Laws is not 100 % accurate since in international finance, there are few conventions (that is government to government agreements to implement the same set of laws) but "international standard practices" (ISP), a set of rules agreed upon by banks and other interested parties, which everybody follows.

When asking bluehost today for technical support (Saturday), they asserted that bluehost's abuse department had contacted me.

Under the phone number on file I have not received any message from bluehost and since the last email I had received from bluehost dates from two weeks back, their technical staff suggested that bluehost had sent the email after they shut me down.

The banking institute never contacted me.

The shutdown means that I cannot access any of my several domains unconnected to the allegedly infringing site or receive email from them.

The request by the banking institute raises an interesting question whether international practices/customs can be copyrighted.
Wireless Networking

Journal Journal: wifi security?

I decided to check on the wifi router setup in the shop. I mistakenly typed in the wrong ip and got another wifi router login from a linksys unit! Wait a minute, I'm not using a linksys router... Re-checking my connect to "FORDSHOP" to make sure I was connected to the proper network I typed in the correct ip and accessed the myessential's router. Question: Is this a security problem with wifi? How was I able to connect to the wrong router login on a different network ev

Submission + - Blizzard and Activision merge (bbc.co.uk)

Vicksplace writes: "The companies behind Call of Duty and World of Warcraft are merging in a deal which could shake up the global video games industry. Activision and Blizzard have said they will form "the world's most profitable games business" in a deal worth $18.8bn (£9.15bn)."

Submission + - Help me fight the swiss dmca. (no-dmca.ch)

pyalot writes: "The swiss goverment has passed a law that would make it impossible to cirvumvent effective copy protection measures. I have created a page to inform and organize a resistance against this law. If we collect 50'000 signatures until the 24th of January however, we can force a national vote on this law. Help me in any way that you can fight this law. I was first made aware of this two days ago by this article on slashdot."

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