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Comment Re:Now... (Score 1) 178

.... Chinese didn't try do anything. ISP's elsewhere mistakenly configured their servers to use Chinese DNS servers.

Not quite accurate. The Netnod server 'causing the problem' claims to have and be serving proper information, but the Chinese instance of that server is having it's data stream filtered by China (on the presumption that nobody outside of China is getting information from that server). The problem arose when a couple of high-volume servers (one, or more, in Chile and one, apparently in California) got their root query packets routed through China and ended up filtered the same way that internal-Chinese queries get filtered.

To solve that problem without having to wander through layers of Chinese technical and political bureaucracy, the easiest solution was for Netnod to simply 'turn off' routes to it's Chinese server until the relevant Chilean and Californian routers get less problematic setups.

The root of the problem (if you'll allow the pun) is that China is silently hacking data from legitimate root servers that go through their systems. Normally this only affects users inside of China but, in this case, part of 'The Great Firewall of China' leaked out into the rest of the world.

Comment Re:FUD (Score 2, Informative) 307

Oracle just fired many of the best and brightest programmers at Sun, because they were the most highly paid. So, if long-term is important to you, I suggest jumping ship. As one example, they fired the accessibility guru, Willie Walker. As a result, SunOS will no longer be accessible as it use to be, causing it trouble in winning government contracts. I say good riddance... SunOS was cool, but with Oracle in charge, it's time to move on to greener pastures.

Comment Re:Silly me (Score 1) 419

Or much simpler (in my case): 1) Up and coming author puts his first books on the net for free, hoping to gain readership. 2) Author is offered weekly column by company, after 2 months author is offered another weekly column by same company, after another 2 months author is offered large contract. 3) Author works as full time technical writer for next 11 years for various companies based on the strength of the work he gives away 4) Author posts to slashdot.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 303

Here's what I want a high quality, fast and truly usable tablet for : medical care. It should be possible to walk into a patient's room carrying a clipboard sized device that resembled a giant iphone.

I worked at a hospital 4 years ago that already did this. And they ran Windows, of course all medical software is Windows.

So... welcome to 2005.

Comment Re:Spatial made sense (Score 1) 311

So... what *is* the reasoning for spatial view?

It behaves pretty much identically to the physical objects its metaphor is based on, thus making it relatively intuitive.

Additionally, most people have few files[0] and simple directory structures, so the limitations aren't really significant.

[0]Not counting things like MP3s and pictures, which are typically managed by applications like iTunes, iPhoto, etc.

Comment Re:Acupuncture to be reanalysed (Score 4, Interesting) 167

Mod UP--this is what a lot of drugs do, one of the worst offenders being statin drugs for high cholesterol. In addition to causing muscle-degenerative problems after long-term use, artificially lowering the cholesterol in the bloodstream does not solve the actual problem, which is the reason it was there to begin with. Long story short, cholesterol is what 'patches up' holes in the vessel walls caused by wear and tear, foreign particles in the blood, or (big one here) inflammation. And some of the biggest things that cause inflammation in general are refined sugars, foods one has an allergy or sensitivity to (dairy and wheat being big ones), "bad" fats (omega-6 rather than omega-3) and of course smoking. Getting rid of the cholesterol doesn't get rid of the inflammation, and in fact makes your body unable to repair the damage as well. Fix the underlying problem and the amount of cholesterol will go down.

Sorry to go off on a tangent, but this is something I've done a lot of research on lately, and it's something that seems to get ignored by the mainstream. I'm guessing it's mostly because curing the source of a problem means the drug companies can't make money off someone as long, perpetually suppressing the outward symptoms while the real issue continues to fester. It's like continuing to spray air-fresheners and light scented candles around the garbage can instead of just taking the stinking bag out.

Comment Re:Or 120GB for $54.99 (Score 0) 435

You can store WiiWare and Virtual Console games on any SD card you put in the slot. They were digitally signed, however, when you downloaded them from Nintendo at the time of purchase, tying them to your machine, so you can't SneakerNet your friend a copy of Ocarina of Time.

I have a FAT backwards compatible PS3 and have SD/CF/MS slots as well as four USB slots. Later release PS3's have only two USB slots however with cheap adaptors you can easily backup to SD, CF or MS devices, heck you can even backup too and recover from any USB connected hard disk or flash device. You can even use any USB storage device as an addition storage device for photos, films or music. In fact all you need to do is rip any video and put it in an MP4 container on a flash card or even a USB hard disk and you can display it via your PS3. Of course making the PS3 act as media server is much better.

If you purchase a downloadable game you can backup and recover but only to the PS3 you originally purchased the game for. This is the main reason why I don't like purchasing downloadable games. If you have to get your PS3 repaired you will have to download your game again but the only cost will be the charge from your Service Provider. PS1 (all PS3's will play these) and PS2 (not on the newer PS3's) game saves can be backed up to card or any USB device and recovered to any PS3. I am not sure about PS3 game saves being put back on a different PS3 though although can definitely back them up and recover them to your own PS3.

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