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Comment Re:Evolution (Score 1) 447

I am confused about this...What is the deciding factor?

In my opinion it's the method. Code is a method and a series of methods put together in a meaningful way. I am being paid to put methods together in a meaningful way. I may want to put those same methods together in another meaningful way. YMMV

Comment Re:Really? (Score 2, Interesting) 216

Not really. It depends on what you're doing, but an activity being criminal doesn't necessarily make it bad. Most of the less mature and less dedicated ones tend to give up when they fail to achieve some ideal they imagined. The rest either use it as a means to an end or do it for the sake of finding things out.

Comment Where are the "geek books" B&N? (Score 1) 260

One thing that I've definitely noted in searching the B&N ebook store is a complete and total lack of any computer/technical books. Here is a search for "programming" in B&N's ebook store, where I should see something about Perl, Java, Python, etc., but instead it's Glenn Beck???:


I can't be the only one on slashdot with shelves containing hundreds of pounds of technical reference material... I've been thinking about getting an e-reader to replace the mountain of paper with something that I can slip in my laptop bag and take with me, and I was leaning towards the nook. However, B&N's complete lack of technical tomes in ebook form means that I'll probably go the kindle route since Amazon has a plethora of books from O'Reilly, Wrox, Apress, etc.

I know the e-readers are definitely marketed outside the bounds of us gadget loving nerds, but I would have to imagine that there is at least a significant percentage of us that either have and e-reader or are looking to buy one. I can't believe that B&N seems to be dropping the ball on this market segment. I know it's early in the life of the nook, or the B&N app for the iphone, but it really feels like B&N is missing out by leaving us high and dry.

Comment facts (Score 2, Interesting) 164

Interesting echo from FAQ which I read the other night. The original contains a lot of italic I'm not going to replicate.

An important fact about monotone's networking is that it deals in facts rather than operations. Networking simply informs the other party of some facts, and receives some facts from the other party. The netsync protocol determines which facts to send, based on an interactive analysis of "what is missing" on each end. No obligations, transactions, or commitments are made during networking. For all non-networking functions, monotone decides what to do by interpreting the facts it has on hand, rather than having specific conversations with other programs.

The closer one lives to the foundation, the stronger the argument for a fact-based architecture. DNS is about as foundational as one can get in internet security. Interesting, the architecture of monotone is highly cryptographic, and somewhat reminiscent of DNSSEC from the 40,000 foot view.

The people who don't see the problem with mixing fact and policy are likely the same people who don't regard it as a big problem that your credit card numbers is widely distributed in plain text: to every vendor you do business with, many of their employees, the trash collectors out back, and their governing union.

Why is it that some guy on the GPS thread complained that the police are free to criminalize driving under the age of 18 (to collect more revenue) and effectively act as their own judge, jury, and executioner (in the corrupt towns where this practice becomes established), but there is generally less complaint about VISA architecting themselves the same powers?

If the police collected a 2% slice of gasoline revenues and awarded bonus points for trips to Hawaii in any year where you keep your license clear and generally found other clever ways to rebate unpenalized drivers the 2% (with enough hidden strings attached it doesn't ultimately cost them much), would they be as loved as the VISA company? Just asking.

Dan Ariely asks, Are we in control of our own decisions?

Turns out it depends on how you frame the question. If the question is: do you want the DNS system to become so badly abused it might as well have been designed by a bank, you might get one answer. If the question is: do you want DNS optimized so your porn streams with ten seconds less delay between clips, you probably get the other answer.

I vote for facts. That said, I will say one thing in defense of Akamai: one can construe CDN as a fact based system, if the factoids you are dealing in that "this IP address can deliver the content you want". Ideally, you already have a secure hash signature of the file you're seeking so it can't play too many games with the notion of "the file you want".

I don't see why DNS needs the facts to be so low level as "this is the same IP address everyone else gets for the same query". There could be a good reason, but Vixie's excellent article fell short of providing it.

Ideally, the CDN problem would have been solved with another layer of delegation: the content you are seeking can be obtained from a vast array of different places, here's an authoritative address for a highly overloaded server; if you're in a hurry go talk to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx to find a location near you. Then the caching proxy can send a request with the header "I represent a client in the Pacific Northwest" rather than sending back to the client the name of the video store where client's attorney rents his own porn.

Comment Re:Someone else's money (Score 0, Offtopic) 174

LOL. See, difference between taxes and equity venture-funded capitalism, is that in the latter, you can actually get your money back, or even get profit back, and you get to choose to put your money into a venture/equity fund.

Of course, seeing your signature, its obvious that you dislike competition and pray at the alter of big, all powerful government. Perhaps you should move to Europe. They love big unaccountable government.

Comment Re:The world needs this.... (Score 1) 302

I hate to tell you, but rats are far smarter than cats. Rats are one of the few species apart from humans that have cognitive thought processes. They are already doing experiments with rats moving objects with the power of their thought alone. Consider domestic rats - they are far happier to intermix with their owners than cats are. Cats aren't bad pets, rats just make better pets :-)


Comment Re:wii go postal (Score 1) 186

If it supports Wiimote Plus, then hell yeah!

There is already some games, notably Madworld. But to be honest, the graphic limitations on Wii start to show up in these kind of games. Madworld avoided this with its film noir style graphics, but the low resolution still makes it quite a mess to see whats happening.

But Red Steel 2 is coming too and it supports Wiimote Plus, so should be a lot more fun than the previous one.

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